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The Paule Villard Compulsive Liar Drinking Game - Will You Survive


We all know that Paule Villard is as corrupt as they come, and someone who has no morals or ethics to speak of. I want to take a moment to go through some of the many lies, mistakes and ethical problems that make Paule Villard unfit to hold public office and deserving of a spot in cell-block A in the Florida State Prison. Let's have some fun and turn this into a drinking game.

Open Letter to Congresswoman Frederica Wilson - Endorsing Paule Villard Is A Endorsement For Corruption And Criminal Behavior


Dear Honorable Congresswoman Frederica Wilson,

I hope this letter finds you well and that you enjoyed a Thanksgiving with your family. As a registered voter in North Miami Beach and a lifelong Democrat, I am writing to express my deep concerns regarding the endorsement of Paule Villard for public office. It is disheartening to see a candidate with such a troubling history receive such endorsements. I do honestly hope that this is yet another false endorsement by Paule Villard; however, if not, I wanted to take a moment to provide some insight into the person who is claiming to have your endorsement and how an endorsement of Paule Villard amounts to nothing short of supporting public corruption. 

Being Kind to Paule Villard - A Look What She Accomplished


Today is World Kindness Day and unfortunately several people have accused me of being mean to Paule Villard over the years. I have to apologize to the former North Miami Beach Commissioner, Paule Villard as I am often very quick to call out corruption and criminal activities without giving a second thought to her feelings. My posts can be a bit vicious and I feel I should find a much nicer way of highlighting your corruption, especially on World Kindness Day. 

Delusional Puppet Lesley Kaplan Supports Corruption And Wants You To Give Villard A Chance


In the upcoming elections, it's crucial for the residents of North Miami Beach to be aware of the candidates they are endorsing. One candidate, Paule Villard, has a troubling history that cannot be ignored. Equally, concerning is the fact that Lesley Kaplan seems to be unwittingly serving as a puppet for Villard's agenda. This blog post aims to shed light on the consequences of endorsing Villard and serve as a wake-up call for Lesley Kaplan.

Like a Plague : Corrupt Ex-Commissioner Paule Villard Is Back


In the upcoming mayoral election, one name has resurfaced, sending shivers down the spines of those familiar with the dark history of our city. Corrupt EX-Commissioner Paule Villard, known for her questionable actions during her time in office, is now vying for the position of Mayor. As concerned citizens, it is crucial to examine the past and shed light on the potential consequences of electing someone with such a tainted record.

Flashback : The True Cost of Paule Villard's Taxpayer Funded Las Vegas Vacation


In a vivid demonstration of extravagant spending, former North Miami Beach Commissioner Paule Villard's Las Vegas vacation in June 2022 stands out as a sore thumb. The journey, amounting to $4,808.72, was an escapade funded by the hard-earned money of North Miami Beach taxpayers. The escapade, while luxurious for Villard, left a stain on her political career, one that is hard to overlook as she re-enters the political arena, aiming for the mayoral seat in December 2023.

Flashback : Corrupt Commissioners Say The Dumbest Things - Paule Villard Thinks Federal American Rescue Plan Money is Not Taxpayer Money


Welcome to a flashback where we delve into the past and uncover the shocking statements made by corrupt commissioners. In this edition, we shine a spotlight on former North Miami Beach Commissioner Paule Villard and her perplexing belief that federal American Rescue Plan money is not taxpayer money. Prepare to be astounded as we explore this mind-boggling perspective that raises serious questions about Villard's understanding of public finances.

Florida Commission on Ethics - Probable Cause Found McKenzie Fleurimond Abused His Position


McKenzie Fleurimond, a compulsive liar and one of the most vile City Commissioner's of North Miami Beach, is currently under scrutiny following a recent announcement from the Florida Commission on Ethics. The Commission has found probable cause to believe that Fleurimond may have abused his position for personal gain. This news shocked absolutely nobody as his ethical standards have been called into question on numerous occasions.

Exposing The Questionable Taxpayer-Funded Vacation of Paule Villard : Cap-Haitien


In a time when transparency and accountability are more important than ever, the recent vacation of EX-North Miami Beach Commissioner Paule Villard to Haiti, funded by taxpayer dollars, raises serious concerns and is chalk-full of fraud and misdirection, exactly as one would expect with Paule Villard. As residents of North Miami Beach, we have a right to know how our taxpayer money is being spent, especially when it seems to only benefit Paule Villard instead of the community. Just a word of warning: this trip is a complicated web of lies, with multiple attempts to cover up the real reason for her travel.

City of North Miami Beach - Welcome to the Circus


Ladies and Gentlemen, Children of All Ages. Welcome to the Final Show of the North Miami Beach Public Circus!

I would like to introduce the three circus clowns who were forced to show up thanks to a court order. These three clowns have spent the past four months disrespecting the residents of North Miami Beach and making a fool of everyone in this beautiful city that we share.

The North Miami Beach Public Circus has had many magical sideshows featuring some of the most baffling clowns on earth.