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Open Letter to Congresswoman Frederica Wilson - Endorsing Paule Villard Is A Endorsement For Corruption And Criminal Behavior


Dear Honorable Congresswoman Frederica Wilson,

I hope this letter finds you well and that you enjoyed a Thanksgiving with your family. As a registered voter in North Miami Beach and a lifelong Democrat, I am writing to express my deep concerns regarding the endorsement of Paule Villard for public office. It is disheartening to see a candidate with such a troubling history receive such endorsements. I do honestly hope that this is yet another false endorsement by Paule Villard; however, if not, I wanted to take a moment to provide some insight into the person who is claiming to have your endorsement and how an endorsement of Paule Villard amounts to nothing short of supporting public corruption. 

This letter was sent via your contact page on your website, but it is also posted as an open-letter on my website ( https://blog/paule-villard/open-letter-to-congresswoman-frederica-wilson-endorsing-paule-villard-is-a-endorsement-for-corruption-and-criminal-behavior/ ). I do encourage you to read the letter on my website, as I have linked to all the evidence that supports my claims. You are, of course, free to reach out to me if you need any additional information or have any questions. 

Paule Villard has a track record of resorting to deceptive tactics to further her political agenda. The recent text messages sent to residents of North Miami Beach, falsely claiming an endorsement from the Democratic Party of Florida, are just one example of her willingness to mislead the public. This kind of behavior undermines the trust that voters place in our democratic process and raises serious questions about Villard's integrity and commitment to ethical conduct.

As a concerned citizen, I believe it is crucial to shed light on these deceptive practices and ensure that voters are well-informed about the true character of the candidates they are endorsing. Paule Villard's history of false endorsements and misleading tactics should not be overlooked or dismissed. It is our responsibility as Democrats to hold our candidates to the highest standards of honesty and transparency. I have spent the past several years pointing out corruption in North Miami Beach and have been an outspoken member of the public at city commission meetings, which has unfortunately made me the target of several threats to my own life at the hands of Paule Villard's supporters after her loss in 2022... I dont want to go into specifics but I dont even feel safe being in my own home at this time.

Paule Villard has a troubling history of misusing taxpayer funds, including a taxpayer-funded trip to Las Vegas, where she stayed in a luxury suite in one of the most expensive resorts in Las Vegas. She even flew in her personal assistant and put her up in her own room (at the expense of taxpayers). The purpose of this specific trip was to take a 1-hour tour of The Boring Company Hyperloop Tunnels, a project that makes no sense for North Miami Beach and does not justify a 4-day trip to Las Vegas. Paule has also taken another taxpayer-funded trip to Haiti to watch her nephew be ordained and to attend a church service

In addition to the trips, Paule has used the North Miami Beach police to provide a private limo service, has lied about her rank/tenure with the City of Miami Police Department, and is currently facing a probable cause hearing in front of the Florida Commission on Ethics over serious allegations of public corruption, undisclosed income, abuse of office, and using taxpayer funds for personal gain. 

I urge you to reconsider your endorsement of Paule Villard in light of these troubling revelations. It is essential that we support candidates who demonstrate a genuine commitment to ethical conduct and who will work tirelessly to serve the best interests of our community. By endorsing a candidate with a history of false endorsements and deceptive practices, we risk compromising the integrity of our party and eroding the trust of the voters. 

Even associating your great name with someone such as Paule Villard undermines all the remarkable work that you have done to empower those in the community who would not have had the confidence to become leaders in the community. I have had the pleasure of seeing you speak in person on several occasions, and you have had an impact on so many lives, especially with young women in minority communities. 

Thank you for your attention to this matter. I trust that you will carefully consider the information provided and make a decision that aligns with the values and principles that I know you have built your legacy on. 


Keith Myers