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Paule Villard Has Already Reached Into Her Bag Of Tricks And Is Already Openly Violating City Ordinances


As a commissioner or Mayor, you are expected to abide by the ordinances defined in the City of North Miami Beach Charter, something that Paule Villard has demonstrated on countless occasions that she is unwilling to do. If you were around in the 2022 election, where Paule Villard famously lost her bid for re-election, you would have observed that Paule ignored all the ordinances around election signs and it should come as absolutely no surprise that she is doing it again. This not only demonstrates that she is unfit to hold public office but has no intentions of being ethical.

RANT: Dear Ted Cruz – A Lesson on Ethics


I normally do not use this website to talk about politics however your recent actions have forced me to break my silence and write this open letter. I ask that if anyone that reads this letter agrees with my statements to please re-share this letter as to as many people as possible in order to try to get a response from Ted Cruz himself.