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Exposing The Questionable Taxpayer-Funded Vacation of Paule Villard : Cap-Haitien


In a time when transparency and accountability are more important than ever, the recent vacation of EX-North Miami Beach Commissioner Paule Villard to Haiti, funded by taxpayer dollars, raises serious concerns and is chalk-full of fraud and misdirection, exactly as one would expect with Paule Villard. As residents of North Miami Beach, we have a right to know how our taxpayer money is being spent, especially when it seems to only benefit Paule Villard instead of the community. Just a word of warning: this trip is a complicated web of lies, with multiple attempts to cover up the real reason for her travel.

The Big Lie (How It Started)

Paule Villard, an EX-North Miami Beach Commissioner, took what appears to be a summer vacation to Haiti. This all started when EX-North Miami Beach Commissioner Paule Villard posted photos on her social media accounts regarding a joint training between the City of North Miami Beach Police Department and the Cap-Haitien (Haiti) Police Department. This news came as a surprise to Mayor Anthony Defillipo, Commissioner Barbara Kramer and Commissioner Fortuna Smukler, who had no knowledge of a joint relationship with any foreign police departments.

In 2023, after the residents of North Miami Beach turned up at the polls in record numbers to vote out the corrupt Paule Villard, it was confirmed that there are no records showing any relationship between the City of North Miami Beach and the Cap-Haitien (Haiti) Police Department... so we started to dig and find the real reason for the trip. Spoiler: it was personal and illegal.

I will go on record and say that it does appear that Paule Villard and Deputy Chief Evens Ford did, in fact, meet with members of the Cap-Haitien Police Department. This appears to have been a photo stunt to try to give this trip a sense of legitimacy, as Paule Villard knew that members of the public were catching on to her corruption.

The Catholic Diocese de Fort-Liberté, Haiti Youth Ministry... maybe

Upon learning of the trip to Haiti, I submitted a Public Record Request to try to determine the justification for the trip as well as the costs. Unsurprisingly, it was put into the "answer in 50 years" pile, and I never got an answer—that is, until Paule Villard lost her bid for re-election.  What we finally saw was jaw-dropping as the real reason for the trip may have been for a religious event, and paying for a religious event with taxpayer funds is illegal under the First Amendment to the US Constitution. 

EX-Commissioner Paule Villard actually submitted paperwork saying that she was speaking at a "Youth Ministry" in Haiti as a wise use of public funds that benefit the residents of North Miami Beach... just let that sink in for a moment and don't hurt yourself trying to understand that logic...

Ok, if this were true (spoiler, its not) then can someone please explain why Ex-Commissioner Paule Villard needed to have the Deputy Police Chief Evens Ford present? It seems she was using him as a taxpayer-funded private security guard...

Here is where this story somehow gets worse, a close examination of the letter shows that it appears to be a very bad photoshop job. Zooming in on the stamp shows a pixelated mess and artifacts that would never appear if this were a real rubber stamp. It has bad compression artifacts that would only be present if done by someone who thinks Microsoft Paint is a commercial photo editor.

The next question is that if EX-Commissioner Paule Villard was brazen enough to photoshop a letter for an event that is already illegal, what is she really hiding... To make things even more interesting is that the Diocese maintains a very active profile on Facebook and tends to publish everything, including the agenda which makes no references to Paule Villard... a bit puzzling for a "special guest to address the youth". To make things even worse for Paule, the Catholic Diocese de Fort-Liberté tends to live-stream and maintain recordings on Facebook and the stream of this event is completely void of Paule Villard... 

I make no effort to hide my dislike for EX-Commissioner Paule Villard but I would not be sadistic enough to invite Paule Villard as a distinguished speaker, only to force her to sit off camera and not even mention her...

So what is the real reason?

Being a Supportive Aunt

I have heard from a reliable source the Paule Villard's nephew is a rising star in the Catholic Diocese de Fort-Liberté and Paule wanted to be a good aunt who wanted to be there to support her nephew as he ascends the ranks of the church. The only problem for Paule Villard is she did not want to have to figure out how she can make room in her personal budget for such a vacation... so she made the executive decision to pass the cost of the trip to the taxpayers of North Miami Beach...

So yes ladies and gents... Paule Villard used taxpayer money to fly to haiti and go to church to support her nephew and nothing more...

What's The Final Damage?

I hope you are sitting down for this, the total cost for this trip is a whopping $9,400.20... Thats right, the residents of North Miami Beach paid nearly $10K so Paule can spend time with her family and to be a supportive aunt.

I want to be clear and say that this bill for the first lie would have been considered excessive as well. The fact that you paid $10,000 for Paule to go to church should make everyone mad.

If you would like to see the full breakdown of the costs, Stephanie has done a excellent job on