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The Paule Villard Compulsive Liar Drinking Game - Will You Survive


We all know that Paule Villard is as corrupt as they come, and someone who has no morals or ethics to speak of. I want to take a moment to go through some of the many lies, mistakes and ethical problems that make Paule Villard unfit to hold public office and deserving of a spot in cell-block A in the Florida State Prison. Let's have some fun and turn this into a drinking game.

Compulsive Liar Paule Villard Caught In Yet Another Lie - Congresswoman Frederica Wilson DID NOT Endorse Paule Villard


Late last week, we were all bombarded with mailers that claimed that criminal EX Commissioner Paule Villard was endorsed by the Honorable Congresswoman Frederica Wilson, however it should not come as a shock to anyone that it was a lie, much like Paule Villard's other FRAUDULENT endorsement claiming to be from the Democratic Party of Florida that I helped to expose earlier this month.