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Like a Plague : Corrupt Ex-Commissioner Paule Villard Is Back


In the upcoming mayoral election, one name has resurfaced, sending shivers down the spines of those familiar with the dark history of our city. Corrupt EX-Commissioner Paule Villard, known for her questionable actions during her time in office, is now vying for the position of Mayor. As concerned citizens, it is crucial to examine the past and shed light on the potential consequences of electing someone with such a tainted record.

During her tenure as a commissioner, Villard's actions were marred by corruption and self-interest. One of the most egregious examples was her taxpayer-funded vacation to Las Vegas, where she spent over $4,800 on two luxury hotel rooms, bar services and high-end meals. This incident alone should serve as a stark reminder of the dangers of entrusting someone with a history of unethical behavior with the highest office in our city.

But Villard's corruption extended far beyond a single incident. She consistently prioritized personal gain over the well-being of our community. For instance, her taxpayer-funded vacation to Haiti or her private party honoring her friends and family showcases her blatant disregard for the needs of our citizens. Such actions not only further erode trust in our local government but also have severe consequences for the financial stability of our city.

Under Paule Villard's reign of Terror, Paule attracted some of the most unethical minions to North Miami Beach who helped her pillage the city's coffers and worked to sweep her corruption under the carpet. Each of these people are just as corrupt as Paule Villard by themselves, but when combined, they scrape the bottom of the deepest sewers. Some of the worst offenders were:

Furthermore, Paule Villard has made several statements showing she lacks the intelligence to hold office. Paule does not believe money from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) is somehow not taxpayer money, when a basic middle-school economics class will teach otherwise. Paule does not see any ethical problems with using our police force as a personal limo service, and has absolutely no problems with using city employees to help with her personal business ventures (Mon-Cash).

If elected mayor, Villard's track record suggests that she will continue down the path of fiscal irresponsibility. Her past actions have already burdened our city with financial setbacks, and it is not difficult to imagine the dire consequences of placing her in a position of even greater influence. The potential bankruptcy of our city looms large if we allow someone with such a history of mismanagement to take the reins.

As concerned citizens, it is our duty to carefully consider the implications of electing Corrupt EX-Commissioner Paule Villard as Mayor. The scars of her past actions are still fresh, and the future of our city hangs in the balance. Let us not forget the lessons of history and strive for a brighter, more transparent future. Together, we can ensure that our city remains free from the clutches of corruption and financial ruin.

As most are aware, today is Halloween and one thing that terrifies me is the thought of Mayor Paule Villard, it is honestly the scariest thing that I can think of. I, personally, would not feel safe with a person as toxic and vile as Paule Villard holding any form of power. She will not only use that position to bankrupt the city of North Miami Beach, but she will also attack the people who took a stand in 2022 to vote her out of office. I know for a fact that I would be high-up on her hit list. The only silver lining is that much like McKenzie Fleurimond, Paule Villard also has a Probable Cause Hearing in front of the State of Florida Commission on Ethics, I cannot go into details but December 1st will be a long day for the Queen of Evil.