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The Website Changelog Page shows all changes that are done to the website core framework or features. It does not cover content changes. 

January 07, 2024

  • Converted Website to a Progressive Web Application (PWA)
  • Implemented Offline Caching of Website on supported web browsers

  • Migrated To Next-Gen Image Standards

  • Removed all older image formats including JPEG, BMP and PNG files in favor of WebP images. This website migrated to WebP in August of 2023 but legacy image formats were retained to allow time to update all references to older image standards.

  • ChatGPT Custom GPT Listing

  • Preparing for Custom ChatGPT Listing Section on

January 04, 2024

  • Improved Automated Build Pipeline
  • Added code to ensure the site is always built with the newest build of MKDocs, MKDocs-Material and all plugins

January 02, 2024

  • Implemented Automated Build Pipelines
  • Build Automation via CloudFlare CI/CD System