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The Dishonest and Disgraceful Conduct of Corrupt Commissioner Michael Joseph - False Flagging NextDoor Posts


Corrupt Commissioner Michael Joseph knows that if the equally as corrupt Commissioner Paule Villard loses her seat, he will lose a critical puppet on the Dias who will bend to his every corrupt whim. Instead of debating the factual claims about Paule Villard, Michael has resorted to hiding behind alias "PACTs" and falsely reporting posts on social media that expose corruption.

I Wrote a Book… and then I wrote a few hundred more – The Ultimate Chrome OS Guides


This website has been a resource for ChromeOS related news, tips and tricks for the past several years with several of my articles/tutorials being referenced to by dozens of popular websites over the years. Readers may have noticed the lack of content on my website over the past 18 months and might have assumed I have decided to stop writing about ChromeOS, the truth is actually completely opposite. I have actually been dedicating much of my spare time writing a series of books for ChromeOS users. This book started as one single book but … well … is now over 180 unique books and counting. You can even buy them now on Google Play and Amazon!

Wake Up Developers – Supporting Linux is no longer optional


For the longest time, many companies were able to get by with only releasing software for Windows and MacOS. For the very few that actually did, they often viewed Linux support as an optional “nice to have” feature and as such was often delegated to being a passion project for an underpaid/under appreciated developer. A majority of developers have made the choice to not support Linux and even worse, a small number of companies have intentionally introduced code into their software to make it hostile to users who attempt to run the software on Linux. Times are changing and this whole mindset of treating Linux as third class citizen must also change to reflect the evolution of technology… or they will quickly be left in the dust.

Attention North Miami Beach Commissioner Paule Villard – A Lesson on Ethics and Nepotism


This website is a website that generally covers topics involving technology but something happened this afternoon that caused my blood to boil and I need to get this off my chest. Needless to say, this is not my normal sort of post. I was attending the City of North Miami Beach City Council Meeting with my grandmother and we both spoke out about the corrupt joke “Unsung Heros” event that the City of North Miami Beach hosted earlier this month. Instead of a event honoring true heros, this event was nothing more then a event honoring the Friends and Family of Commissioner Paule Villard, funded by the citizens of North Miami Beach.