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Flashback : Corrupt Commissioners Say The Dumbest Things - Paule Villard Thinks Federal American Rescue Plan Money is Not Taxpayer Money


Welcome to a flashback where we delve into the past and uncover the shocking statements made by corrupt commissioners. In this edition, we shine a spotlight on former North Miami Beach Commissioner Paule Villard and her perplexing belief that federal American Rescue Plan money is not taxpayer money. Prepare to be astounded as we explore this mind-boggling perspective that raises serious questions about Villard's understanding of public finances.

In a heated discussion surrounding the allocation of funds from the American Rescue Plan, Villard made a statement that left many scratching their heads. She boldly asserted that this federal money, intended to support communities in need, was somehow detached from the hard-earned dollars of taxpayers. Such a claim defies basic economic principles and highlights the alarming disconnect between Villard's perception and reality. Villard's statement was covered on Local10 News and turned North Miami Beach into a Joke. This shows that Villard is unfit to hold Public Office.