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Spirit Airlines' Groundbreaking "Super Budget Economy" Class


In an unprecedented move that's sure to shake up the airline industry, Spirit Airlines has just announced the launch of its "Super Budget Economy" class, a game-changing travel option that redefines the meaning of budget flying. This innovative offering caters to the most frugal of travelers, providing a standing-room-only experience in the airline's new, awe-inspiringly large aircraft designed to accommodate over 900 passengers—or as Spirit affectionately calls them, "value-conscious voyagers."

A Review of the Florida Brightline Railroad – Amazing Experience with one Fatal Flaw


The Florida Brightline Railroad was a great experience but suffers from one fatal flaw – This blog entry is my review of the Brightline Railroad and why I was livid when I left. Read the entire blog post to see why the trip started out on a high note and ended in a massive disappointment (and one that could carry some legal consequences).