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The Paule Villard Compulsive Liar Drinking Game - Will You Survive


We all know that Paule Villard is as corrupt as they come, and someone who has no morals or ethics to speak of. I want to take a moment to go through some of the many lies, mistakes and ethical problems that make Paule Villard unfit to hold public office and deserving of a spot in cell-block A in the Florida State Prison. Let's have some fun and turn this into a drinking game.

Disclaimer: This Post Is Not Designed To Encourage The Use of Alcohol

This post is not intended to encourage drinking in excess or even drinking at all. Truth be told, Paule Villard's lies are so numerous that you can replace the shot glass with an eye dropper and still get a lethal case of alcohol poisoning. I encourage the use of water instead of alcohol; you may need to go to the restroom a few times before you finish this article, but it at least won't kill you. 

Take a drink if...

You have no understanding that Federal Money is indeed taxpayer money

It is difficult to imagine that a politician could make a statement so dimwitted, Paule Villard actually does not understand that money from the federal government is indeed taxpayer money. In 2022, during a campaign stunt disguised as a community service event, Paule Villard made North Miami Beach look like a joke by going on local news to claim that money from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) is not taxpayer money. While it is true that the money did not come out of the City coffers, it did come from every American who pays federal income taxes... therefore it is indeed taxpayer money.

Take a drink if...

You have lied about your employment history by pretending to be a police sergeant

Paule Villard claims that she has been a retired police sergeant for anywhere between 23 and 30 years... the amount of time seems to change every single day. Paule Villard is, by definition, a pathological liar, someone whose lies have taken over their sense of reality. Unfortunately for Paule Villard, personal records for the City of Miami are public records, and we have the records.

Before we go into the details, I just want to point out this fun quote on page 15.

PSA Villard has fallen below expections during this raiting period and doesn't appear to have grasped the requirements of her job in the noted areas. This is evident in her lack of cooperation and in her following written and oral directions

... some things never change

Here are the undisputable facts:

  • Paule Villard has never served a single day in the line of duty as a police sergeant. Per Paule's own retirement paperwork, she retired as a "police officer". The title of sergeant was only bestowed on Paule Villard in a ceremonial capacity as part of the tradition of increasing a person's rank upon retirement. This is akin to an honorary PhD in medicine; it's a nice plaque to hang on your wall, but I would never want someone who has an honorary PhD to ever practice medicine. There are no records of Paule Villard ever performing a single action that falls under the responsibility of a police sergeant, and there are no records of her commencement/promotion.
  • Paule Villard can't seem to grasp how long she has been a police officer and police sergeant. Let me break it down in a way that even Michael Joseph can understand (he seems to struggle to count to 120). Per Paule Villard's personnel file, which was obtained via Public Record. Paule was hired on December 21st, 1993 in a probationary capacity. She was officially appointed as a police officer on November 5, 1994. Paule Villard later retired from the police on December 21st, 2014. This means Paule Villard was employed with the Miami Police Department for exactly 21 years, with only 20 of those officially as a police officer. Paule's tenure as a sergeant lasted about 9 seconds, or however long it took for someone to sign her retirement paperwork. To further confuse everyone, Paule Villard seems to have no understanding of how time works as she keeps increasing the amount of time she claims to have been a police officer as the years go on, it does not seem like she understands that her term ended on December 21st, 2014 and she cannot count the years past that point as part of her length of employment.
  • Paule Villard did work with the police department between 1987 and 1993 but not in the capacity of a police officer but rather as a PSA who worked in records/reception. This is not a deputized "police officer" position, using Paule's logic, we can call the custodian a police officer. This is the reason why Paule Villard's discharge paperwork starts in 1993 and not 1987.
  • Paule Villard seems to want to paint a picture of her as a model police officer who has benefitted the community. The fact that Paule Villard does not seem to understand is that her entire personnel file is open to public records, including her embarrassing performance reviews and write-ups. Paule's personnel file demonstrates that she was a mall cop who was close to being terminated on several occasions. She was written up for hiding stolen property and even going AWOL. Her history of service had no accolades to speak of, and it's clear that she would have been one of the first people to be cut if the Miami Police Department needed to reduce their headcounts. Honestly, after reviewing her history with the police department, I am sure they were more thrilled than Paule was when she announced her retirement - I would even venture to guess they had a retirement party for Paule, where Paule was not invited.

NMBTruth seems to live in the same delusional world as Paule Villard, which speaks wonders for Michael Joseph's army of demons as they seem to keep pushing this lie.

Take a drink if...

You thought it was ok to let the taxpayers of North Miami Beach pay for your Las Vegas Vacation

It's brazen enough to feel justified in using the North Miami Beach Police Department as your private limo service, even forcing them to make humiliating videos where you are portrayed as royalty, but Paule Villard felt it was ok to take a 4-day luxury vacation to Las Vegas, paid for by the Taxpayers of North Miami Beach. It is impossible to justify the thousands of dollars that were wasted on this trip alone for what should have amounted to a 1 hour tour of a gimmick project that the demon lord, Michael Joseph thought was a good idea for North Miami Beach (Hyperloop Tunnels). This tour was not by invite-only but a tourist attraction that anyone can visit... I could visit it today if I purchased a $5.00 ticket...

In Paule Villard's taxpayer funded spending spree, she stayed in a suite at the Bellagio Resort, was treated to a limo service, and even got some pampering at the Cosmopolitan. Paule even decided to treat her personal assistant by flying her down where she was put up in her own suite. At least they appear to have split the limo costs.

Take a drink if...

You thought it was ok to let the taxpayers of North Miami Beach pay for your vacation to Haiti to go to Church and see your nephew being ordained to the priesthood.

Just when you thought that Paule Villard's taxpayer funded Vegas vacation was criminally insane, let's shine some light on her trip to Haiti where Paule Villard visited on the taxpayer's dime. Publicly, Paule Villard concocted a lie where she gave the illusion of legitimacy to this trip, calling it a partnership between the North Miami Beach police department and the Cap-Haitien police department. The problem is that this partnership never existed, and upon Paule Villard's ouster from office, the real reason for her trip became apparent, Paule wanted to go to church and support her nephew being ordained.

If you overlook the illegal use of taxpayer funds, at least Paule was being a supportive aunt. Sadly, Haiti can be a pretty violent place to visit these days with all the termoil however you should be able to rest easily as Paule was well protected the whole trip as she flew the deputy police chief out to be her personal escort and bodyguard... paid for of course with taxpayer dollars. 

Take a drink if...

You LIED about being endorsed by the Democratic Party of Florida

Paule Villard's history of lies has forced the public to question everything she says... I am not kidding, if she said she was choking, people would want a X-Ray to see what she swallowed before helping with CPR at this point. Paule thought it was a good idea to claim she has the endorsement of the Democratic Party of Florida, in another Michael Joseph-style SMS blast that instantly gave flashbacks to the dirty way she conducted herself in the 2022 election. So, of course, I questioned the endorsement and immediately reached out to the Democratic Party of Florida, who confirmed that they did not endorse the unethical cow (I did take a bit of liberty with that wording). The State of Florida Public Corruption Unit is currently investigating this and I am sure they will be in touch.

Take a drink if...

You LIED about being endorsed by Congresswoman Frederica Wilson

You would have thought Paule would have learned her lesson after her fraudulent endorsement from the lie she sent about being endorsed by the Democratic Party of Florida, but you would be wrong. Paule Villard, in an attempt to demonstrate that she is nothing more than a compulsive liar, thought she could smear the name of the honorable Congresswoman Frederica Wilson by claiming she had her endorsement. I wrote a open letter to the congresswoman however It did not take long for her lie to be exposed on the local news. The investigator from The State of Florida Public Corruption Unit is already aware of this and it just helps to build the case against Paule Villard.

Take a drink if...

You have hired goons to escort people into polls to ensure they are voting for you.

Election Crimes are serious crimes that need to be addressed. During the 2022 elections, Paule Villard was playing dirty. Paule needed to win the elections to continue her feeding frenzy on the taxpayer dollar. In an ill-fated effort to help secure her victory, Paule Villard hired goons to escort residents to the polls and walk in with them to ensure they vote "correctly". Normally, people go to the polls alone; however, there is a loophole to that policy where you can have a trusted friend or family member assist with voting if you have a disability that prevents you from voting, an ADA form must be filled out and signed. Paule Villard knows of this loophole and used it to her advantage before to help other corrupt commissioners win victories in North Miami. Paule herself could not walk people into the polls in North Miami Beach so she hired a set of goons to do her dirty work for her. 

Fortunately, I stationed myself outside the polls and managed to personally record her goons in the act. Complaints have been working their way through the system at a snails pace. 

Take a drink if...

You know that you are a racist who knows their goose is cooked, When you partnered with a group of unethical cowards to create a smear website to try to salvage your reputation (NMBTruth)

It seems that the last time you were up for election, the shady website NMBTruth seemed to come online, but it quickly went offline once you suffered your last humiliating defeat. This website lives in the same delusional world as you do, as it tries to convince its readers that it's an impartial, independent publication that reports the truth. The problem is that the despicable Michael Joseph accidentally showed his hand in the 2022 election when he was caught red-handed

Only COWARDS who know they cannot back up the lies they are trying to push on others hide behind aliases. 

Well Paule and Michael, your previous blog alluded to me being some sort of hacker... I do take great offense to that and demand you back that up with evidence. You accused me of hiding behind anonymous posts and doctored images but you could not be further from the truth, unlike you. I am not a coward and will gladly stand behind any claim I make because I have the evidence to support my claim. I am a computer engineer, not a malicious hacker and I have never been involved with anything illegal. Your insinuations about me being a racist will involve a lawsuit if you do not stop, if there is one racist here, its... well...

I support our police chief because she is honorable and has worked hard over the past 20+ years to build up the North Miami Beach police department. She started as a dispatcher who worked her way to the top, defying all odds. Her history with the police force is why I supported her, not because of her skin color. When you put all of the emphasis on someone's skin color instead of their accomplishments, you devalue them as a person and ignore all of the amazing work they did to get to that position. When you make a statement saying that you hired someone based on a protected class (race), you open the city up to lawsuits over racial discrimination by everyone who was not hired for being your preferred skin color... now every Latino/Latina, White, Native-American, Asian-American, or Hawaiian American who was not hired to be a police officer can potentially come after the city with a racial discrimination lawsuit.

One thing that you may or may not be aware of is that I am also a member of a minority community that has done a lot to stand up and give voices to those who are underrepresented. I have worked hard to help improve diversity in the IT industry and look beyond skin color. I would never go on a rant against members of the Haitian community who felt that you were an unethical disaster for our community but you apparently had no problem with that.

Oh, and speaking of websites... Take a drink if...

You forgot to pay to renew your domains and let your most outspoken critic buy them who has been redirecting them to my website for the past several months...

I would have told you sooner, but... surprise. Thanks for advertising my website for the past several months. I did drop a few vague hints in several blog posts but I guess you missed them all. I thought I was a bit obvious in my post thanking you, but you were probably distracted trying to figure out how you will avoid charges as your probable cause hearings are coming up. Too bad, there are not dozens of websites that wrote about your rise to fame in 2018 and covered your canidacy that are now sending hundreds of visitors a week to my website, where I am exposing your corruption... Oh, wait a moment... nevermind. 

Thats just one site, there are a few more