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Anker’s Compact 30W USB-C Atom 1 is a Must Have for Most Chromebook Owners


Anker is a name that most associate with some of the best USB Battery Packs on the market however they do make several other accessories as well. The Anker Atom 1 is Anker’s take on a ultra-compact USB-C wall charger and it is amazing. It is microscopic compared to other USB-C chargers but seems to easily charge my Pixelbook while taking up a small fraction of space in my backpack.

Review of the TECHDOTY USB C to HDMI Cable with PD Charging Port


If you are an owner of a newer device that only has Type C Ports, you know that you will eventually need to break down and buy several adapters to get some of the features that you had on previous computers such as HDMI output. There are several dongles that can be purchased that will give you an HDMI port however this limits your ability to charge your computer if you only have 1 Type C USB Port on your Machine. This is the problem that the Techdoty USB C to HDMI cables tries to fix by adding USB Power Delivery to the HDMI adapter. Read more to learn how this cable works and why it is getting a permanent place in my backpack.

Review of the Jackery PowerBar 77Wh/20800mAh 85W


I sort of have an obsession with USB Battery Packs, I just can’t seem to get enough. Today I will be reviewing the Jackery PowerBar which has quickly proven to be a very capable battery pack that seems to handle everything I have thrown at it without issue thanks to its high capacity USB Ports and built in AC Inverter. Yes, this thing will even power a full laptop when needed – Of course you need to ask yourself if this monster of a battery pack is worth the $149.99 asking price?