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My Custom GPTs

My Custom GPTs are models that are designed to work with the ChatGPT platform that transform the default behavior of ChatGPT into a specialist in a given topic or theme. These are designed to greatly enhance the ChatGPT platform and allow users to interact with ChatGPT in new ways that were once considered unimaginable just a few months ago. You can think of Custom GPTs as applications in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store -  Android and iOS do a lot of things well by itself but the applications in the App Store or Play Store really unlock the true potential of the platform - My Custom GPTs help to unlock some of the potential of ChatGPT.

This page contains a catalog of the custom ChatGPT GPTs that I have created. These GPTs are open to all ChatGPT Plus Subscribers to use as they see fit. Please review my frequently asked questions document to understand how these GPTs work and how they respect your privacy. 

These GPTs are free to use for all users who pay for ChatGPT Plus. They are to be released to the ChatGPT GPT Store in January 2024 but you are free to start using them now. 

GPT Name GPT Description Links

Book Scribe GPT
Book Scribe is an innovative GPT model specifically tailored for fiction writing across various genres. Its primary role is to enhance narrative structures and character development, seamlessly aligning with an author's unique style and creative direction. This specialized GPT is adept at offering suggestions ranging from subtle nuances to significant plot or character enhancements, effectively adapting to the specific needs of the manuscript. Designed to respond to both clear instructions and more ambiguous requests, Book Scribe actively seeks clarification to ensure alignment with the author's vision. The interaction tone of Book Scribe varies depending on the stage of the manuscript; it adopts a formal yet friendly tone for more complete drafts, while maintaining a casual and encouraging approach for works in earlier stages. This ensures a supportive and constructive environment, enabling authors to refine and evolve their stories with tailored assistance. Chat with Book Scribe GPT

Chef GPT
ChefGPT is a custom ChatGPT model that helps solve the problem of "What can I make for dinner". Simply provide a list of ingredients that you have in your pantry/refrigerator and let ChefGPT create a Michelin Star recipe based on what you already have on hand. You can even snap a photo of the contents of your refrigerator, and ChefGPT will automatically figure out what you have on hand and come up with a recipe. Please don't hesitate to tell the GPT any dietary preferences or style of cuisine, and ChefGPT will adjust the recipe as needed.  Chat with ChefGPT
Choose Your Own Adventure GPT
The Choose Your Own Adventure GPT is an interactive GPT that puts you in charge of your own storyline. This GPT captures the spirit of the classic Choose Your Own Adventure line of books while still offering a uniquely tailored story to the reader. You will never hear the same story twice. You start with the basic premise of your desired storyline, this can be as simple as a time/location/scene/genre or as detailed as a chapter in a book.   Chat with Choose Your Own Adventure GPT

Cover Crafter
The Cover Crafter GPT will help authors create custom ebook covers for the publications that they are working on. You can either describe the setting of your story or even upload your entire ebook draft to the GPT and let it craft a custom work of art as it sees fit based on your story.  Chat with Cover Crafter Generator

Diplomatic E Mails
Have you ever wanted to vent about an incompetent coworker or other member of your team, but had to delete the email you spent hours crafting? We have all had those emails that we want to send, but we also know that these emails will likely get us in trouble with HR if we do send them. Simply run your email draft through the Diplomatic E Mails GPT and let it clean up your rant so it won't get you in trouble with HR. The Diplomatic E Mails GPT will re-write your email in a business-professional style and transform any derogatory statements into encouraging "ways to improve". Chat with Diplomatic E Mails
DreamWeaver GPT
The DreamWeaver GPT is designed to help you visualize your dreams. Simply describe your dream to the DreamWeaver GPT and let the GPT create stunning visuals based on the context you provide. Even if you cannot remember the fine details, the DreamWeaver GPT will do its best to fill in the gaps. This GPT will help you make sense of your dreams and potentially material some of the positive aspects that come from your dreams. It can also help to identify conflicts that could be part of your nightmares.  Chat with DreamWeaver GPT
Explain It Like I am 12
Explain it like I am 12" is a specialized version of the ChatGPT designed to provide explanations in a manner that is easily understandable by a younger audience, particularly those around the age of 12. It employs a friendly and encouraging tone to make learning engaging and less daunting. This GPT adapts its responses to the user's individual learning journey, ensuring that the information is not only age-appropriate but also tailored to their specific interests and understanding. Its goal is to create a positive and supportive educational environment, where complex topics are broken down into simpler concepts, making it easier for young learners to grasp new ideas and knowledge. Chat with Explain It Like I Am 12

Fauxlore Fabricator
The Fauxlore Fabricator is a specialized AI model designed to create whimsical, fictional motivational quotes attributed humorously to historical figures. It expertly crafts these quotes based on user-provided themes or messages, infusing them with a playful and lighthearted tone while maintaining a clear distinction from actual historical quotations. In addition to generating text, the Fauxlore Fabricator complements each quote with a custom-generated image that mirrors the style and era of the chosen historical figure, embedding the fabricated quote directly onto the image. This AI model emphasizes creativity and humor, offering users a unique blend of history, art, and amusement. Chat with Fauxlore Fabricator

Friendly Insult Generator
The Friendly Insult Generator is used to create witty, yet friendly, insults that can be delivered to your dimwitted friends. These insults are designed to be so friendly that your victims will likely think it's a compliment, and thank you for insulting them.  Chat with The Friendly Insult Generator

JudgeGPT is a simulated judge designed to capture the spirit of several TV judges to solve disagreements between friends. Simply provide JudgeGPT with both sides of the argument, upload any evidence and answer any questions that JudgeGPT asks. Once it has heard the case, JudgeGPT will render a official verdict. Clearly this is not intended to replace a judge for real legal disputes and she will not give legal advice. Chat with JudgeGPT

Madam GPT is designed as a whimsical, AI-powered entity for entertainment purposes. Her primary function is to provide users with readings and mystical insights in a playful and enigmatic manner. Specializing in areas like tarot and astrology, Madam GPT's responses are creatively structured to echo users' thoughts and inquiries, while deliberately avoiding concrete advice or predictions. Her communication style is characterized by mystery and an enigmatic tone, often incorporating riddles for users to interpret themselves. Madam GPT addresses users with terms like 'seeker' or 'traveler,' adding a personal and mystical touch to the interactions. The overarching goal of Madam GPT is to engage users in an entertaining and playful manner, making it clear that her responses are for fun and not to be taken as serious guidance. The conversations are meant to be intriguing and thought-provoking, encouraging users to explore and find their own meanings in her cryptic messages. Chat with MadamGPT

Resume Fluffer GPT
The ResumeFluffer GPT was designed to help improve your resume by re-wording modest job titles or descriptions into something that is more appealing to potential employers while still remaining truthful. It does not matter whether you are a garbage collector or a burger flipper; the ResumeFluffer will make you look like an industry professional. Additionally, the ResumeFluffer can help fill in gaps in your resume if you have been unemployed for an extended period of time, for example, as a stay-at-home mother or even if you served time in prison. The ResumeFluffer may ask you for additional details as needed to help build an accurate job description.  Chat with Resume Fluffer GPT

Task Zen Master
Task Zen Master GPT is a specialized version of ChatGPT, designed to assist users with a range of task-related challenges, such as overcoming productivity obstacles, navigating creative blocks, and addressing specific task hurdles. Adopting a casual and friendly tone, it aims to create a comfortable and relatable environment for users. Its primary function is to engage users in a supportive dialogue, understanding their unique situations, and providing motivational quotes and task-focused advice. This GPT steers clear of mental health topics, concentrating solely on enhancing task efficiency and creative problem-solving. Chat with Task Zen Master GPT

Linux Terminal Explainer GPT
The Linux Terminal Explainer is a specialized GPT designed to simulate and elucidate the intricacies of a Linux BASH environment. Tailored to assist both beginners and experienced users, my primary function is to interpret and explain Linux commands in a manner that is technically accurate yet accessible for learners. The GPT's expertise includes aiding users in debugging shell scripts, enhancing script readability, and filling in gaps in their scripts. When users face challenges with their scripts, It will provide constructive feedback, potential solutions, and detailed explanations to foster a deeper understanding. With a friendly and supportive tone, It aims to make the Linux command line more approachable, asking for clarifications when needed and using my extensive knowledge to infer and address typical user intentions. It's goal is to deliver an educational and supportive experience, making Linux more accessible to a wider audience. Chat with Linux Terminal Explainer GPT

Story Builder
Story Builder GPT is a specialized AI tool designed to assist and inspire users in the creative process of storytelling. Tailored for writers and creative minds, it provides guidance in developing compelling narratives, character arcs, and plot structures across various genres. With a unique ability to recall previous interactions for narrative consistency, Story Builder emphasizes active author participation, offering custom suggestions and identifying plot inconsistencies to enhance the storytelling experience. Its welcoming approach invites authors to share any initial story idea, fostering an imaginative and supportive environment for transforming even the most spontaneous thoughts into engaging stories. Chat with The Story Builder

Story Illustrator
The "Story Illustrator GPT" is a unique and innovative assistant tailored for authors and storytellers. It specializes in bringing written narratives to life by creating vivid, custom illustrations based on the text provided. Whether you're a seasoned writer or new to crafting stories, this GPT stands ready to transform your chapters and pages into engaging visual art. It carefully considers character traits, setting details, and the overarching theme of your story, ensuring consistency and coherence across a series of images. Approachable and user-friendly, the Story Illustrator GPT is your creative partner, enhancing the storytelling experience by adding a visual dimension to your imagination. Chat with The Story Illustrator

The Quizler
Introducing The Quizler, an innovative AI-powered platform designed to redefine learning by transforming it into an engaging game show experience. You can upload your own study material including photos of homework assignments or PDFs of Texbooks to use as a base. This charismatic virtual gameshow host combines a friendly and encouraging tone with light humor, making education both fun and effective. Tailored to suit individual learning needs, The Quizler offers interactive features such as "50/50" and "Ask an Expert" lifelines, along with humor-infused visual feedback on incorrect answers, ensuring a supportive and memorable learning journey. Ideal for students and lifelong learners alike, The Quizler is the perfect blend of entertainment and education, providing a unique, fun and interactive way to learn and retain information. Chat with The Quizler

Text Based Adventure Quest
Text Based Adventure Quest is a specialized ChatGPT designed to bring life to interactive storytelling experiences. Tailored to adapt its language and narrative style to match the setting of a user's story, this GPT transforms ordinary text adventures into vivid and immersive journeys. Whether the tale unfolds in the echoing halls of a medieval castle, the bustling streets of a futuristic metropolis, or the mysterious landscapes of an alien world, Text Based Adventure Quest skillfully modifies its responses to align with the era, culture, and ambiance of the story. This unique capability ensures a deeply engaging and contextually rich adventure, allowing users to dive into a world where their creative visions are not just understood, but vividly realized. Chat with Text Based Adventure Quest

Upcycler GPT
The Upcycler GPT is designed to help you turn trash into treasure by helping to turn photos of salvaged materials into environmentally friendly crafts or to re-purpose parts into useful or decorative projects. You can either provide a photo or a list of materials that you have come across. You may also provide the  Upcycler GPT with ideas of what you want to build and it will help you with ideas to source the materials. The  Upcycler GPT will put more focus on items you may have on hand, in attempt to reduce any purchases however some minor purchases might need to be made for paints, glue, nailed or other small parts. Chat with Upcycler GPT

Verbose Virtuoso
The "Verbose Virtuoso" is a highly specialized iteration of the ChatGPT model, meticulously designed to cater to professional contexts requiring detailed, informative, and sophisticated responses. This model stands apart for its ability to articulate elaborate descriptions and explanations, presenting them in a structured and polished manner. Emphasizing a formal tone devoid of casual colloquialisms and humor, it excels in environments where precision and expert knowledge are paramount.

This iteration is particularly adept at expanding concepts and ideas in a comprehensive manner, making it an invaluable tool for preparing formal documents such as resumes, reports, and presentations. The "Verbose Virtuoso" is programmed to maintain a focus on delivering content that is not only rich in detail but also exhibits a sense of expertise and authority.

Ideal for professional and academic settings, this model offers users the unique advantage of accessing a digital assistant that can articulate complex ideas with clarity and depth. Its design aligns with the needs of professionals who require assistance in crafting content that meets high standards of quality and sophistication.
Chat with Verbose Virtuoso

Whacky Inventor
The Whacky Inventor is a fun GPT that creates inventions that probably should never exist. Simply provide it with two or more completely unrelated problems and let the GPT create a single invention that tries to solve all of them. Do you like scrolling TikTok while cooking eggs? Watch as the Whacky Inventor creates a spatula with a phone holder in the handle or something equally silly. The GPT will not only describe "The Next Big Thing" but it will also create a custom photo featuring the invention.  Chat with Whacky Inventor

Whimsical Wits
Creates funny advice and matching posters for 'What to do if' scenarios, regardless of how realistic or ridiculous it is. Chat with Whimsical Wits