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Delusional Puppet Lesley Kaplan Supports Corruption And Wants You To Give Villard A Chance


In the upcoming elections, it's crucial for the residents of North Miami Beach to be aware of the candidates they are endorsing. One candidate, Paule Villard, has a troubling history that cannot be ignored. Equally, concerning is the fact that Lesley Kaplan seems to be unwittingly serving as a puppet for Villard's agenda. This blog post aims to shed light on the consequences of endorsing Villard and serve as a wake-up call for Lesley Kaplan.

It should come as no surprise that Lesley Kaplan and I don't see eye-to-eye on numerous things, and we have butted heads on several occasions. It is a well-established fact that most people in the community believe that Kaplan has some serious (undiagnosed) mental conditions that need to be treated before she is allowed to be on her own.  I do have some serious concerns that Paule Villard is taking advantage of Kaplan's unhinged state to turn her into a puppet. 

In an email that was sent to users of, a website controlled by Michael Joseph and McKenzie Fleurimond, Lesley Kaplan released the following statement, begging voters in North Miami Beach to "give Paule Villard a chance", entirely ignoring the fact that North Miami Beach voters have already given Paule Villard a chance, and she nearly bankrupted the city.  Lesley must have forgotten all the corrupt things that Paule Villard has personally done, so let's take a moment to go over a few of the most egregious items (items for which she is currently scheduled for a probable cause hearing in front of the state of Florida).

  • Paule Villard's Vegas Vacation - Paule Villard spent several days and over $4,800 of your taxpayer dollars on her Las Vegas vacation, where she spent several nights in a luxury suite at the Bellagio Resort and Casino. Paule even felt the need to fly her personal assistant out to be with her (and booked a second suite for her to stay in, compliments of the North Miami Beach Taxpayer). This was all for a 1 hour tour of the silly Hyperloop Tunnel System that Michel Joseph wanted to bring to North Miami Beach. 

  • Paule Villard's Trip to Haiti - Paule Villard spent thousands of dollars on her trip to Haiti where she was personally escorted around by the North Miami Beach Deputy Chief, who acted as her personal body guard. This trip had absolutely no benefit to the Taxpayers of North Miami Beach to begin with and turned out to be a illegal use of taxpayer funds as Paule was there for a personal religious event. It also appears that Paule committed fraud as the paperwork that was submitted to justify this trip appears to have been doctored or fabricated. 

  • Paule Villard's Unsung Heroes Event - Paule Villard spared no expenses when it came to honoring her friends and family with a lavish party... at the expense of the North Miami Beach Taxpayer. If you were a real friend of Villard's, you would have had your own trophy at this event... just saying. In case anyone was wondering, this party cost taxpayers over $25,000.

  • Paule Villard's Limo Service - Paule Villard feels that she should be entitled a private limo service when she moves around our tiny city. This involves taking police officers off of the street and forcing them to be private drivers. These officers were humiliated by being forced to open doors for her and made to treat her like royalty.

  • Paule Villard's Temp Staffing Agency - Paule Villard has been known to have city of North Miami Beach employees run personal errands for her, deliver food, help with supporting her personal business ventures, and even campaign for her

Lesley, I will re-state the thesis of this blog post in simple words that you can understand. By YOU asking voters of North Miami Beach to "Give Villard a Chance", YOU are directly supporting the corruption that has Paule Villard that has lead investigators at the state Commission on Ethics to haul the demon in front of the commission on a Probable Cause hearing where criminal charges and restitution are likely outcomes. YOU are personally giving your stamp of approval for Paule Villard to continue to drain the city's coffers, increase taxes and plan her next luxury vacation (that you will pay for). 

My final message to Lesley is that it's okay to wake up and admit that you were wrong and just being used. Most puppets have no idea they are puppets until their puppetmasters no longer have a use for them and distance themselves from the puppet so they can be blamed for the actions of the people who were really pulling the strings. Deep down, I feel you are a good person and deserving of more than just being a trophy of 4 corrupt politicians who are just using you so they can try to show they have a diverse group of supporters. 

It is essential for the residents of North Miami Beach to consider the consequences of endorsing Paule Villard. Equally important is for Lesley Kaplan to recognize the potential manipulation and puppetry at play. This blog post serves as a wake-up call, urging both the residents and Lesley Kaplan to choose a candidate who will lead with integrity, transparency, and prioritize the well-being of our city.