What’s On My Person

There are times that I am not able to get easy access to my trusty backpack, so I make it a point to carry a small, but meaningful, number of gadgets with me at all time to allow me to be productive on the go.

Google Glass


In June of 2013, I was honored to officially become one of the first 8,000 people to become an official Google Glass Explorer. Google Glass has become an important part of my life that has allowed me to meet some amazing people and do some amazing things that I would never have done without them. Google Glass is still quite pricey at $1,500 + Tax and the Glass Frames and Lenses cost me an additional $400.00. Unfortunately Google Glass is no longer available for purchase however you can still get a pair on sites like EBay and Swappa at a reduced price.

Huawei Nexus 6P (128 GB)

My current primary phone is the Huawei built Nexus 6P. I opted for the 128 GB version to ensure that I always have plenty of storage for the rare occasions that I am traveling in areas without great LTE or WiFi connectivity. The Nexus 6P replaced my previous daily driver, the Motorola manufactured Nexus 6 and seems to be a worthy successor. You can obtain the Nexus 6P from both the Google Store and on Amazon. The prices will vary based on capacity (Between $500 and $650).

Fossil Q Founder

It was 12 years ago when I got my first SmartWatch, the PalmOS powered Fossil Wrist PDA. I have since gone through at least 10 other SmartWatches since then and somehow found myself coming back to Fossil with the Founder Q. This premium smartwatch with the black steel watchband looks great and fits in with both casual attire and formal attire. What drew me to this watch aside from the look is the fact that it is one of the few watches that actually pack an Intel processor under the hood. I also tend to hate POGO pins and this watch uses a standard Qi charger. You can get this watch at your local Fossil Store.

Plantronics Voyager Edge

I have used countless Bluetooth headsets over the years and the Plantronics Voyager Edge is by far my favorite headset. After getting used to the way the headset fits in your ear, it is comfortable for all day use.  The battery lasts up to 6 hours on a charge which is great for long conference calls and re-charging the battery can either be done using the included charging case or simply by plugging a MicroUSB cable directly into the headset. The case can be a bit awkward to carry around however is worth it as it contains a battery with enough power to re-charge the headset 4 times while in your pocket. This headset also allows me to listen to music at work and podcasts. You can pick this headset up for around $100 on Amazon. This headset also features NFC pairing for Android users to get them up and running in seconds.


ChargeCardAs almost all of my devices charge over MicroUSB, I carry around an emergency MicroUSB cable in my wallet in case I need one. The ChargeCard takes up as much space as two credit cards and constructed to survive a lifetime of abuse. You can pick this up on Amazon for around $30.00 and it is available for iOS devices as well as Android.

Swiss+Tech Utili-Key Multi Function Tool


I love having tools that are multi-taskers, especially when it takes up less space than my car keys. I have carried a Swiss+Tech Utili-Key on my keychain for almost 8 years and love it. These sub $10.00 tools pack a surprising number  of tools under its hood including a; bottle opener, surgical-steel knife, serrated knife, phillips screwdriver, eyeglass screwdriver and flat-head screw driver.

Solar Keychain USB Battery Pack (1,200 mAh)


I am a huge fan of USB Battery Packs and carry a large selection of USB Battery Packs in my backpack. I do carry a small Solar USB Battery Pack on my keychain in case of an extreme emergency. This thing will not put out enough juice to charge my cell phone much but it is useful for topping off my Google Glass while out and about. The Keychain has 3 very bright LED bulbs that allow it to be one of the best flashlights I have ever put on my keychain. Aside from my Keychain, I do have one of these clipped to my backpack in case of emergencies. You can pick these up on Amazon for less than $20.00 and they make a great gift.

Pocket Knife


I still find room in my pocket for a small pocket knife that I use to open boxes or perform minor fixes. This knife is nothing special as I have had it for years but it is well constructed and reliable. You can pick this one up at Amazon or any sporting goods store.