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Public Notebook

I am someone who takes a lot of notes in my daily life. I created this section of as a way to make a portion of my notebook public, sadly there are large portions of my notebook that I cannot make public. I am doing this in the hope that others may find this content useful. This section of my website will take a long time to build and will be sparse over the nexxt few months and will eventually try to include as much of my personal notes as possiblle.

These notebooks are fully searchable in the search bar and are also used to train the Digital Assistant.

Computer Engineering

Note Name Note Description
Software Development Notebook General Index of my Public Software Development Notebooks
> Python3 Development Notebook Notebook dedicated to the Python3 Programming Language

Local Politics

City of North Miami Beach

Note Name Note Description
City Document Library General Index of my North Miami Beach Notebook
> City Document Library Internal Document Library
> City P-Card Expenses Commissioner/City Employee P-Card Use
> City News Coverage Archive of News Stories Covering Politics in the City of North Miami Beach
> City Travel Logs Commissioner/City Employee Travel Logs