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Florida Commission on Ethics - Probable Cause Found McKenzie Fleurimond Abused His Position


McKenzie Fleurimond, a compulsive liar and one of the most vile City Commissioner's of North Miami Beach, is currently under scrutiny following a recent announcement from the Florida Commission on Ethics. The Commission has found probable cause to believe that Fleurimond may have abused his position for personal gain. This news shocked absolutely nobody as his ethical standards have been called into question on numerous occasions.

Update - September 21, 2023 - Documents Published

Documents supporting the investigation as well as the documents that include important evidence relating to the public corruption investigation of McKenzie Fleurimond is now in the public record. It is important to note that this is still an active investigation with the Florida Commission on Ethics and a finding of Probable Cause only implies that the state feels that the case against McKenzie Fleurimond has merit and is strong enough to proceed to prosecution. McKenzie Fleurimond has not (yet) been found guilty of a crime however. He is innocent until proven guilty. You can request these documents via a Public Records Request or access a archived copy via Case No. 23-042

Per Page 4 of FLCOE-Press-Release-09-14-23

Probable cause was found to believe that MCKENZIE FLEURIMOND, North Miami Beach City Commissioner, abused his position to obtain a disproportionate benefit and misused his public position when he charged a $300 gala ticket sponsored by the Florida Democratic Party to his city-issued purchasing card.

The allegations stem from an incident where Fleurimond reportedly charged a $300 gala ticket, sponsored by the Florida Democratic Party, to his city-issued purchasing card. Such an act, if proven true, would indicate a misuse of public funds and a potential breach of trust placed in him by the residents of North Miami Beach. Evidence of this misuse of his city pcard was uncovered in his statements and the former City Manager, Corrupt Arthur "Duke" Sorey was clearly ok with McKenzie Fleurimond's unchecked spedning as he turned a blind eye.

The Florida Commission on Ethics, in its press release, stated that there is probable cause to believe Fleurimond "abused his position to obtain a disproportionate benefit" and that he "misused his public position" through his actions.

The news will likely send ripples through the North Miami Beach community as they await news as to what will happen once the Florida Commission on Ethics takes the matter to trial, with many awaiting further details and the results of the ongoing investigations of other current and former commissioners (Michael Joseph, Daniela Jean and Paule Villard) who will likely be hearing the results of their own Probable Cause hearings.

It remains to be seen how this revelation will impact Fleurimond's standing within the community and his future in public service and hopefully will result in criminal charges. It does not help that Fleurimond is also likely facing a investigation for Insurance Fraud thanks to a bombshell report froom VotersOpinion - McKenzie Fleurimond’s Great North Miami Ripoff... Best to get the popcorn ready.

The gala, sponsored by the Florida Democratic Party, is a significant event in the state's political calendar, attracting numerous politicians, activists, and supporters. The alleged misuse of public funds for personal attendance raises questions about the ethical standards upheld by elected officials.

As of now, Commissioner Fleurimond has not released any public statements regarding the allegations. The community and its leaders await further developments and clarity on the matter.