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Exposing Paule Villard Bag Of Tricks - How She Exploits ADA Forms To Ensure People Vote "Correctly"


Being able to vote is a sacred right that is given to all American citizens, regardless of class or economic conditions. It is what gives all citizens a voice in their community and ensures that we have a government for the people, by the people. It is important for everyone to protect the integrity of all elections to ensure that corrupt individuals are not allowed to hold public office. Speaking of corrupt individuals, let's take a peek into our favorite Criminal's Bag of Tricks to see how she abuses ADA forms to ensure that her victims are escorted to the polls to vote "correctly".

Compulsive Liar Paule Villard Caught In Yet Another Lie - Congresswoman Frederica Wilson DID NOT Endorse Paule Villard


Late last week, we were all bombarded with mailers that claimed that criminal EX Commissioner Paule Villard was endorsed by the Honorable Congresswoman Frederica Wilson, however it should not come as a shock to anyone that it was a lie, much like Paule Villard's other FRAUDULENT endorsement claiming to be from the Democratic Party of Florida that I helped to expose earlier this month. 

Paule Villard Digs Into Her Bag of Tricks : No, the Democratic Party of Florida DID NOT endorse Paule Villard


On the afternoon of Thursday, November 9th, residents of North Miami Beach started to recieve text messages from Paule Villard's campaign stating that Paule Villard was endorsed by the Democratic Party of Florida... the problem with this statement is that it was a lie, and she likely broke multiple laws in the process. Paule Villard is clearly digging into her bag of tricks and playing the same games that she played in the 2022 elections. 

Flashback : The True Cost of Paule Villard's Taxpayer Funded Las Vegas Vacation


In a vivid demonstration of extravagant spending, former North Miami Beach Commissioner Paule Villard's Las Vegas vacation in June 2022 stands out as a sore thumb. The journey, amounting to $4,808.72, was an escapade funded by the hard-earned money of North Miami Beach taxpayers. The escapade, while luxurious for Villard, left a stain on her political career, one that is hard to overlook as she re-enters the political arena, aiming for the mayoral seat in December 2023.

A Warning to Galaxy Note 9 Owners : Beware of Fake MicroSD Cards


Technically the warning here applies to all phones regardless of manufacturer but I am picking on Samsung specifically as they made it a huge point to say that the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 can be extended to 1 TB of space with the purchase of a 512 GB Micro SD Card… the problem however is that they did not mention the fact that 512 GB Micro SD cards are expensive and sites like Amazon/eBay/etc are full of scam artists that are chomping at the bit to sell their fake MicroSD cards to unsuspecting value hunters.

Warning: Amazon has a Massive Problem with Fake MicroSD Cards


I was browsing the other day as I was looking for a new 200 GB MicroSD Card for a upcoming review. I was shocked to see that Amazon’s listing was flooded with fraudulent MicroSD Cards. I thought that Amazon did a much better job then other sites such as does. I guess I was wrong. Buying fake MicroSD cards is dangerous as it can result in data loss or worse.