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North Miami Beach Sends Paule Villard To The Garbage Dump For The Second Time In A Year Lets Look At Her Dumpster Fire of a Campaign


It's official: the residents of North Miami Beach have shown up and sent a clear message to criminal EX Commissioner Paule Villard by handing her the third humiliating defeat in the past 16 months. Even with all of the lies, false endorsements and hired goons escorting residents to the polls, Paule still managed to loose her election, only securing 42% of the vote. There will be plenty of time to celebrate the victory of the honorable Evan Scott Piper however lets take a moment to look at the dumpster fire of a campaign ran by the most vile bovine on the face of this planet. 

In the past 3 months, Paule Villard has run one of the most dirty and corrupt campaigns in the cities' history, only barely missing the high score from her campaign in 2022. Lets take a stroll down memory lane to see some of the worst things she has done in 2023 before sending her flaming dumpster back to the dump it came from. 

False Endorsements

Paule Villard has claimed numerous false endorsements from the Democratic Party of Florida and Congresswoman Frederica Wilson to try to trick the voters of North Miami Beach. This act is not only unethical but illegal (I cannot speak about details but I do know a criminal investigation is already in the works). The only legitimate endorsement that we can track down is from the poster child for Prozac, Lesley Kaplan

Campaign Finance Problems

As VotersOpinion Wote, Paule Villard's finances are humiliating and clearly shows not even her stauchest supports were willing to donate a single penny to her campaign. Michael Joseph... nope... McKenzie Fleurimond... nope... Daniella Jean... nope.... Lesley Kaplan... nope... Marisa J... nope...

Aside from the lack of donations, her financials were so bad, it was like  McKenzie Fleurimond was her banker. She wrote checks for money that was not cleared in her account and has no expenses to show for her illegally posted signage. I assure her that complaints are already fired and this is something that people have gone to jail over. 

NMBTruth thats completely missing the truth

It seems like every time Paule Villard runs for office, the shady NMBTruth website pops up. This website is run by cowards who won't even show their faces, as they are too embarrassed to stand behind their own lies. Of course my version of NMBTruth actually has the truth and exposes the cowards who are insulting the intelligence of North Miami Beach residents by lying to their faces and attempting to turn this into a race-war. 

Outdated Photos

Paule Villard is in love with a picture of herself that was photoshopped to death and taken over 10 years ago. If that photo was the only photo you have seen of Paule Villard, you would struggle to identify her if you were sitting across the table. I am not someone to insult someones appearance however Paule Villard has been known to post (nearly) topless photos and videos on her own facebook, mostly from her bed. That is the real Paule Villard.

Lies About Her Career

Paule loves to claim that she has a grandiose career with the City of Miami Police Department; however, that was a sham. As I revealed in my Paule Villard Drinking Game, Paule has never served a single day as a police sergeant and her world simply seems to revolve around a delusion that she was. She was, at best, a mediocre police officer who has accomplished nothing in her tenure. She seems to always make this a key topic in her campaigns... a key part of her life that she will conveniently downplay once assigned to a cellblock. 

False Reporting of Posts on NextDoor

It seems every time the cow known as Paule Villard is on the ballot, the number of "spam" flags against her detractor seems to skyrocket. I have already called out Michael Joseph for this despicable act in the past, but the only thing that he changed this time is that he now uses an alias. His alias has reported over 50 posts this time around, many just telling people to register for a ballot. 

Using The Same Bag of Tricks

Paule Villard used her same bag of tricks that caused her to fail to secure her seat in both elections in 2022. We already suspected she was going to be pulling some of her old tricks... and she clearly did not disappoint. I guess what they say is true, you cannot teach a old cow new tricks. Complaints have been filed to hold her accountable for this.

Advertising My Website On Your Social Media for Over 3 Months

As [I posted yesterday], Paule Villard has actually been sending traffic from her own social media posts to my website for the past 3 months... and still has not figured it out. I would have told her sooner but I had more important things to do. I even posted a video on TikTok that is so good that it can eb re-watched endlessly. 

@keithimyers #paulevillard #corrupt #northmiamibeach #citynmb ♬ Oh No - Kreepa

A Special Note to Michael Joseph, McKenzie Fleurimond and Daniella Jean

To the other three unethical commissioners who supported Villard in all of her corrupt actions... you are all up on the chopping block in 2024 and I guarantee that your defeat will be just as brutal and humiliating... assuming you survive the dozens of ethics complaints that are going through the system as we speak. This is the third time we have defeated your sacred cow and have our targets set on you too.