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The Dishonest and Disgraceful Conduct of Corrupt Commissioner Michael Joseph - False Flagging NextDoor Posts


Corrupt Commissioner Michael Joseph knows that if the equally as corrupt Commissioner Paule Villard loses her seat, he will lose a critical puppet on the Dias who will bend to his every corrupt whim. Instead of debating the factual claims about Paule Villard, Michael has resorted to hiding behind alias "PACTs" and falsely reporting posts on social media that expose corruption.

It is not common knowledge, but I am a member of the volunteer NextDoor Moderation Team and help to keep the platform free of spam and harassment. I have held this position for quite a while and was shocked to see my inbox suddenly flooded with reported posts. Normally, these flags are done by members of the community to report a disturbing post, such as a hate crime or abuse, but these were all submitted by Commissioner Michael Joseph.

All reports by members of the community must be taken seriously, even if it's from someone as reprehensible as Commissioner Michael Joseph. A broken clock is always right twice a day so it might be possible that Michael Joseph that Michael could be reporting a legitimate post... and then another 11 posts. Don't get your hopes up, Michael Joseph decided to abuse the NextDoor reporting system to help with Damage Control as residents were starting to suspect that Michael Joseph was behind a flood of illegal text messages to spread misinformation about Paule Villard's rival - Jay Chernoff. Michael Joseph does deny any involvement in these defamatory/illegal messages but based on the evidence below... well, you be the judge.

Let's look at one of the reports, where Michael Joseph reported a post by the Honorable Commissioner Barbara Kramer as "Containing Illegal content or Activity". This post was simply a response to a member of the community who asked if Jay Chernoff was a "MAGA Republican".

Although the city of North Miami Beach elections are nonpartisan, Commissioner Kramer pointed out that Jay Chernoff is a registered Democrat and provided a screenshot of the public voter rolls to show evidence of this claim. Nothing illegal about that but it does make me wonder why Michael Joseph would want this post to vanish.

Of course that one report could have been a mistake, lets take a look at another one, just to be safe. Nope, the only difference is that Michael Joseph choose to select "Posting non-local topics outside of a group"... a group dedicated to local topics...

I felt so disgusted with Michael Joseph's behavior that I reported him to NextDoor and sent a email to City Commission outlining his unethical hehavior along with all of the supporting evidence. I have CC'ed all local media, Florida Ethics and the Florida Bar. Michael Joseph will of course deny any wrongdoing and will likely learn that he has eyes all over the place that want him ousted, maybe next time he will use a fake account to try to keep the blood off of his hands.

As members of the public and citizens of North Miami Beach, we are granted the right to freedom of speech and the freedom to speak out against our elected officials, a freedom that is so sacred to us that our founding fathers enshrined it into the constitution of the United States of America. As a elected official, Michael Joseph has failed to uphold the Constitution of the United States and as such is violating the terms of the Charter of the City of North Miami Beach.