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Compulsive Liar Paule Villard Caught In Yet Another Lie - Congresswoman Frederica Wilson DID NOT Endorse Paule Villard


Late last week, we were all bombarded with mailers that claimed that criminal EX Commissioner Paule Villard was endorsed by the Honorable Congresswoman Frederica Wilson, however it should not come as a shock to anyone that it was a lie, much like Paule Villard's other FRAUDULENT endorsement claiming to be from the Democratic Party of Florida that I helped to expose earlier this month. 

I am not sure if Paule Villard feels that the residents of North Miami Beach are gullible or too stupid to fact-check her claims, all of which have been proven to be flat-out lies. To most of us, building our legacy on Fraud and Lies is not something we would ever be proud of; however, in the case of a compulsive liar such as Paule Villard, it is just par for the course. This is why Paule Villard is facing a probable cause hearing with the State Commission on Ethics in January with over a dozen charges, some may result in criminal charges. 

After seeing the post cards that I got in the mail, and after fact-checking Paule's last endorsement (which turned out to be fraudulent), I, as well as several other residents, wrote letters (via email) to the  Honorable Congresswoman Frederica Wilson to not only validate the truthfulness of the endorsement but to also enlighten her about the person Paule Villard really is, just in case the endorsement happened to be true... spoiler ahead: it was just as false as the previous one

The amazing Glenna Milberg from Local10 was also suspicious of this endorsement as  Congresswoman Frederica Wilson has been in her seat for well over a decade and has not been known to endorse local candidates. Glenna also wrote Congresswoman Frederica Wilson, but unfortunately for Paule Villard, Glenna had Frederica Wilson's personal cell phone number and got a very fast response to prove that the endorsement of Paule Villard was indeed fraudulent. Read the bombshell report on Local10 if you missed the airings on the news last night.

This response from Congresswoman Frederica Wilson shows that she understands that she must be neutral in local elections because she understands, regardless of the winner, that she will need to have a working relationship with our local elected officials. This is a sign of  Wilson's unblemished ethical standards and I am so happy to see that she was not brainwashed by Paule Villard's bag of tricks

I want to give everyone a little peek behind the curtains for a moment, just so you understand the gravity of the situation that Paule Villard is in. THIS IS CRIMINAL under the 2023 Florida Statutes. I have been working with investigators from both the State of Florida and Miami-Dade County's Public Corruption Unit. They are aware of these fraudulent endorsements and are actively investigating them, treating them as a crime. Unfortunately, I cannot go into details currently; however, If I was the person who owned the credit card used to pay for those fraudulent text messages claiming to be from the Democratic Party of Florida or the PAC who claimed to have the endorsement of Congresswoman Frederica Wilson, I would be sleeping with one eye open as you may be getting a visit from someone with a warrant. 

I know Paule Villard, or one of Michael Joseph's minions are reading this website and are already planning their next move. I am sure we will all see a blog post on NMBTruth to try to claim another endorsement. I am just wondering who it will be from this time... The Honorable Barack Obama, Kamala Harris or would they even be foolish enough to claim that Martin Luther King Jr. has endorsed Paule Villard - her corruption really has no boundaries. 

As far as I can tell, the only legitimate endorsements that Paule Villard seems to have is from two criminal commissioners who are also facing multiple ethics investigations and the poster child for Prozac... Its pretty shameful if you ask me, then again, I would never want my name associated with endorsing a compulsive liar who thought it was ok to spend our money on personal expenses...