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Paule Villard Has Already Reached Into Her Bag Of Tricks And Is Already Openly Violating City Ordinances


As a commissioner or Mayor, you are expected to abide by the ordinances defined in the City of North Miami Beach Charter, something that Paule Villard has demonstrated on countless occasions that she is unwilling to do. If you were around in the 2022 election, where Paule Villard famously lost her bid for re-election, you would have observed that Paule ignored all the ordinances around election signs and it should come as absolutely no surprise that she is doing it again. This not only demonstrates that she is unfit to hold public office but has no intentions of being ethical.

If you were to take a drive in front of the address listed on the Dade County Property Appraisers website for "Paule Villard", 16821 NE 8th AVE, you will see that Paule Villard has put up a sign that is far exceeding the maximum size for a sign. These appear to be the same non-compliant signs that citizens complained about last year. As a reminder, most common yard signs are 28 inches x 22 inches, such as the ones that are being used by Evan Piper. Paule Villard's signs are an estimated 2916 square inches which is a violation of our city ordinances for residential addresses which limits signs to a maximum of 616 square inches).

Additionally, since this sign is over 3 feet tall, it is violating both the maximum height of the sign and maximum height it can be mounted above the ground. Lastly the sign cannot be placed within 5 feet of the property line, which is another obvious violation of the city code as well.

I strongly encourage all residents to take a drive, keep an eye out for signs that violate the city codes and file complaints with code enforcement, the city clerk, and the city manager

Political Signs.

Temporary signs advertising a candidate for public office, or a political campaign, measure or issue scheduled for an election are only permitted subject to the following requirements:

Residential Zoning Districts.

Temporary political signs shall not exceed six hundred sixteen (616) square inches per sign on any residential property. Furthermore, signs shall only be displayed with the consent of the owner or tenant. No more than one (1) sign per candidate per residential property shall be allowed, unless the property is on a corner, then the property may have up to two (2) signs per candidate. Double-sided signs shall be considered as one (1) sign. No sign shall exceed three (3) feet from the ground. The maximum height to the top of the sign, including posts, other sign membranes or appendages shall not be more than three (3) feet above the ground in residential areas.

(b)Location of Signs. No sign shall be placed within five (5) feet from the property line, and no sign shall block corner visibility or be located in a required sight visibility triangle. All signs shall be placed and erected in a safe and appropriate manner.