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Exposing Paule Villard Bag Of Tricks - How She Exploits ADA Forms To Ensure People Vote "Correctly"


Being able to vote is a sacred right that is given to all American citizens, regardless of class or economic conditions. It is what gives all citizens a voice in their community and ensures that we have a government for the people, by the people. It is important for everyone to protect the integrity of all elections to ensure that corrupt individuals are not allowed to hold public office. Speaking of corrupt individuals, let's take a peek into our favorite Criminal's Bag of Tricks to see how she abuses ADA forms to ensure that her victims are escorted to the polls to vote "correctly".

As I stated earlier, everyone who is a citizen with voting rights has the ability to vote in all elections. Generally, voters must go to the voting booth alone and cast their ballot in secret. Most people do not understand why ballots are cast in secret. It is actually important to protect the integrity of the elections by ensuring that voters cannot be compensated for their vote or retaliated against if they do not vote for a specific person. With all of that said, there is a loophole that Paule Villard has been known to use to ensure that she, or one of her minions can escort their victims into the polls to intimidate or compensate voters into voting "Correctly" (aka, voting for Paule)

Every citizen who can legally vote should be able to vote if they wish; however, sometimes these voters need some extra assistance. This is often due to a disability that makes it difficult for them to vote; some examples include vision issues, dexterity issues or even someone who lacks the ability to read. Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, reasonable accommodations must be made to allow everyone to have a voice in their community. In the case of elections, a voter will select a proxy to accompany them to the polls and assist them with voting. This proxy is often a family member or trusted friend. The voter and proxy fill out an ADA form at the polling location to authorize the proxy to accompany the voter to the voting booth and assist them with casting their vote.

These ADA forms do not disclose the nature of the person's disability, and they are not too common in local elections. It is not the responsibility of the poll worker to validate the person's disability or even question it. This is precisely the loophole Paule Villard needs to ensure that she, or one of her minions, can use to ensure the person is voting for them and potentially compensate the voter once they can confirm that they voted for Villard or another member of Paule Villard's corrupt cohorts.

This is not a simple conspiracy theory, it actually happened, and I, personally, videotaped a group of Paule's hell spawn escorting voters from their cars and walking them into the polls to vote before being escorted back to their cars. I even questioned the lead banshee to ask what these people were being given for their votes, and she clearly said "Money"

One of the few rules of the ADA forms is that the candidates themselves may not be proxy voters in an election that they are a part of, so Paule reaches out to her criminal network to get people to do her dirty work for her. However, if it is a election in a different city, Paule Villard has no problem being a member of the criminal ring and returning the favor, here is a sample of the ADA forms for the 2020 elections in North Miami where Paule Villard escorted several people into the polls to ensure they voted "correctly". I would not be concerned if I saw her name on one or two of these (especially if it was for a family member) but this is ridiculous.

Just one important note before viewing the ADA forms, these are public records and can be requested from the supervisor of elections and distributed without permission. These forms are not confidential, and the Supervisor of Elections will redact any confidential information before providing these records.

If you go to the polls on December 5th and see anyone escorting people to the polls, I strongly encourage you to call the Florida Election Crimes Hotline at (877) 868-3737. Furthermore use your cell phone camera to record the suspicious behavior to be used as evidence.