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Paule Villard Digs Into Her Bag of Tricks : No, the Democratic Party of Florida DID NOT endorse Paule Villard


On the afternoon of Thursday, November 9th, residents of North Miami Beach started to recieve text messages from Paule Villard's campaign stating that Paule Villard was endorsed by the Democratic Party of Florida... the problem with this statement is that it was a lie, and she likely broke multiple laws in the process. Paule Villard is clearly digging into her bag of tricks and playing the same games that she played in the 2022 elections. 

The text message read

ENDORSEMENT The Florida Democratic Party is proud to endorse Paule
Villard for North Miami Beach Mayor. A Retired Police Sergeant and
former commissioner, Paule Villard is the leader needed to restore
trust to a troubled city.

This statement troubled me for many reasons. It is no secret that I am a very outspoken critic of Paule Villard but I am also a registered Democrat in the state of Florida. Paule Villard's previous term in office can best be described as a dumpster fire and I refuse to align myself with a political party that does not share my values.

I sensed something was a bit off about the endorsement and was compelled to reach out to the Democratic Party of Florida to see if this was a true endorsement and if it was, provide them with evidence to make them reconsider and hopefully retract their endorsement if it was indeed official. I asked for someone to reach out to me with a statement and advised that I would be leaving the Democratic Party of Florida if they chose to endorse Paule Villard, especially after reading the email I sent.

To be blunt, anyone that supports or endorses Paule Villard is copable in her corrupt actions and likely needs to get their head examined. I would honestly expect Paule Villard to endorse my website and before getting a endorsement from the Democratic Party of Florida. It would be funny though if the first part of that statement were true.

Within an hour of me sending the email, I was contacted by the head of the Democratic Party of Florida, Nikki Fried who confirmed that Paule Villard HAS NOT been endorsed by the Democratic Party of Florida and the use of their logo in her campaign was unauthorized.

Paule's plan to fabricate false endorsements will surely backfire as she has committed a criminal offense - This is a direct violation of Florida Statute 106.143(4)(a)(b), which states:

(4) It is unlawful for any candidate or person on behalf of a candidate 
to represent that any person or organization supports such candidate, 
unless the person or organization so represented has given specific 
approval in writing to the candidate to make such representation. 
However, this subsection does not apply to: (a) Editorial endorsement 
by any newspaper, radio or television station, or other recognized 
news medium. (b) Publication by a party committee advocating 
the candidacy of its nominees.

I assure you that I have already filed complaints with Miami-Dade County and the State of Florida... who Paule Villard is already scheduled to be meeting with for her probable cause hearing in a few weeks. I also assume that the Democratic Party of Florida might also take action.

If you got deja vu from reading this, you are not alone. This is straight out of Paule Villard's 2022 playbook where her campaign was sending text messages to North Miami Beach voters to try to convince them that her opponent, Jay Chernoff, was a MAGA republican who had the blessing of Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis... ignoring the fact that Jay is a lifelong registered Democrat.

Paule's continued disregard for the law and basic ethics shows that she learned nothing from being ousted from office in 2022 and is completely unfit for office. Any organization that feels compelled to endorse a monster like Paule Villard should be ashamed of themselves. Paule is of course, free to endorse my website, but the only thing I can personally endorse her for is a spot in a federal prison cell.