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Upgrading the M.2 Solid State Drive on the GPD Pocket MicroPC


If you are a backer of the GPD Pocket MicroPC, you should start getting your shipment details in your email by now. Some people have already received their units and are beginning to experiment with it. One of the major perks of the GPD Pocket MicroPC is that you can easily upgrade the built in hard drive with something a bit larger than the build in 128 GB SSD that comes stock. Here are the instructions.

ChromeOS 77.0.3849.0 Fixes Android Application Connectivity Issues and Restores Crostini Backups by Default


If you are on the ChromeOS dev channel, you may have noticed that network connectivity has been hit and miss over the past few weeks and if so, you may want to start mashing your check for updates button now to update to ChromeOS 77.0.3849.0 while reading this post. I am still working my way through the changelog for this build and it is pretty lengthy. Here are the notable changes that I have been able to find so far. This is also the first official beta for ChromeOS 77

Review : MINIX NEO Storage – An Aluminum USB-C Hub with 250 GB SSD Storage Built In


If you are the owner of a modern Ultra-Portable Laptop such as the Google Pixelbook, you likely already carry a USB Type C hub to allow you to connect to classic USB devices. Most USB Type C hubs often pack features such as USB-PD Pass-through and HDMI output to allow you to use the hub as a docking station when you need to share your laptop to a full size display. I have a growing collection of USB Type C Hubs and when I got my hands on the MINIX NEO Storage Type C Hub, I could definitely say that it stands out from the others by packing a 250 GB M.2 SSD inside.

Upgrading the MINIX NEO Storage M.2 SSD from 250 GB to 1 TB


After spending some time with the MINIX NEO Type C Hub with a built in 250 GB SSD, I can say that I both love this device but I wish it had more storage. Sure 250 GB of storage is fine for most people but I would not categorize myself as “most people”. Officially, MINIX does not support upgrading the SSD in the MINIX NEO Storage Type C hub and to make matters worse, you cannot officially buy a version of the MINIX NEO Storage with capacities greater than 250 GB… With all that said, lets try to unofficially cram a 1 TB M.2 SSD into this thing. Here are the steps

An Open Letter to cPanel : Re: Announcing Account Based Pricing


Dear cPanel Management,

I would like to think that I am on good terms with you but that may change after reading this later. I have been an outspoken fan and evangelist of your product for years as well as a customer. I have also had the pleasure of meeting many cPanel staff members in person on a few occasions. I am also a very outspoken and respected voice in the web hosting community on sites such as WebHostingTalk. I am not only writing this letter to criticize your decision to introduce a new pricing structure that will cripple the web hosting industry but to also offer a compromise.

Your Web Hosting Rates Are About To Get More Expensive – Here is why


It seems the era of inexpensive web hosting options may be coming to an end in the next few weeks. If you are a customer who uses the cPanel control panel to manage your web hosting accounts, you may start getting notices from your providers of price hikes. These hikes may be anywhere from a few dollars per month to potentially hundreds of dollars a month to those with large reseller accounts. Here is why…

ChromiumOS for the GPD Pocket R77-12257.0 Released


If you are a user of ChromiumOS for the GPD Pocket 1 or 2 ultra-portable computers; you should start seeing a new update rolling out. This update is version R77-12257.0 and contains a few minor stability improvements for both the GPD 1 and GPD 2 devices. This is the first of the promised weekly updates of ChromiumOS for the GPD Pocket. Here is a list of the changes;

ChromiumOS for the GPD Pocket R77-3818.0 Released – Audio for the GPD Pocket 1


Attention all ChromiumOS for GPD Pocket Users. There is a new update that is currently rolling out. This update is part of my efforts to bring the feature set of the GPD Pocket 2 to GPD Pocket 1 owners. The main feature that users will be excited for is that I have implemented audio support on the GPD Pocket 1! Here is a full list of changes:

BETA – ChromiumOS for the GPD Pocket 2


It has been less than 48 hours since I released a preview build of ChromiumOS for the GPD Pocket 1 handheld and the responses have been overwhelming with a massive amount of positive feedback. I had a large number of readers request a build to be made for the GPD Pocket 2. I am proud to announce a updated release that will work with the GPD Pocket 1 AND GPD Pocket 2, all in the same image!. I have been testing this image on my new GPD Pocket 2 for the past few hours and I am very happy with the performance. If you are a GPD Pocket 1 owner, stay tuned as there will be more updates over the next 2 weeks.