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Creating a Windows Recovery Disk for the GPD Pocket MicroPC


I published directions a few days ago detailing the process of installing a larger hard disk into the GPD Pocket MicroPC however i have gotten a few emails asking for instructions to create a Windows Recovery Image. I wanted to take a few minutes to write a quick step-by-step guide to creating a recovery image that can be used to re-install Windows.

You will need


  1. Download the GPD Windows Firmware from – This is a large file that may take several hours to download depending on your internet speed.
  2. Install 7Zip to your computer which will allow you to extract the .rar archive that GPD uses to compress the image.
  3. Insert the flash drive into your computer and launch the Windows File Explorer. Right click on the flash drive and select “Format”. It is important to choose “NTFS” as the file system type. The install will fail if Fat32 is selected.
  4. Once the Firmware has been downloaded, right click on the download and select “Extract Here”. This process may take several minutes.
  5. Once the extraction has been completed, navigate to the newly created folder called “GPD Micro PC WINDOWS 10 Factory….”
  6. Open the “WINPE” folder
  7. On your computer keyboard, press CTRL+A to select all files and CTRL+C to Copy the files to your computer’s Clipboard
  8. Go into the root of your 16 GB Flash Drive and Press CTRL+V on your keyboard to paste the files onto the flash drive. This process may take several minutes. If successful, you should have a total of 5 folders (Boot, EFI, images, Sources, TEST_TOOL) and 2 files (bootmgr bootmgr.efi) in the base of your flash drive. There should not be any errors during the copy
  9. Power Down the GPD MicroPC and insert the flash drive.
  10. Power on the GPD MicroPC and tap on the “ESC” key several times until the “APTIO SETUP UTILITY” Launches
  11. Use the Left/Right Arrow Keys on your keyboard to navigate to the “Save & Exit” panel and select your flash drive under “Boot Override” followed by the enter key.