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Review of the TECHDOTY USB C to HDMI Cable with PD Charging Port


If you are an owner of a newer device that only has Type C Ports, you know that you will eventually need to break down and buy several adapters to get some of the features that you had on previous computers such as HDMI output. There are several dongles that can be purchased that will give you an HDMI port however this limits your ability to charge your computer if you only have 1 Type C USB Port on your Machine. This is the problem that the Techdoty USB C to HDMI cables tries to fix by adding USB Power Delivery to the HDMI adapter. Read more to learn how this cable works and why it is getting a permanent place in my backpack.

I ordered this cable on Amazon for $20.00 which puts it in the same price range of other USB Type C to HDMI Dongles – if not less expensive as you would not need to supply a full sized HDMI cable. There is of course free shipping for Amazon Prime customers. When the cable arrived, it was packaged in a simple box which I immediately tore into. The cable was well packaged and there were covers on both ends of the 6 foot cable to protect the HDMI and Type C connectors from damage.

I connected this cable to a HDMI port on my TV and the USB Type C port to My Pixelbook. Within a second, my desktop was extended onto my TV. I then connected a USB Power Delivery adapter to the USB Type C input port on the Techdoty HDMI cable and it immediately begun to charge my Pixelbook. This cable seems to work great when paired with a Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse to create a single monitor docking station.

I then decided to disconnect the cable from my Pixelbook and try it on a few other devices. It worked flawlessly on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and the Samsung Chromebook Plus. Per the Amazon Listing, it will also support Apple Laptops but as I refuse to own one of those, I will not be able to test it on one. It should work on most devices with a type C. The cable also claims to support multiple resolutions – up to 4K@60Hz, I do not have a 4K TV so I was not able to test this out but it worked flawlessly on my 1080p panels.

This cable is essential for those who are on the road a lot, I can easily connect my Pixelbook to a projector and present in seconds. And yes – this cable works flawlessly when not connected to a power-source.

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