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The Legacy of Corrupt Former North Miami Beach Commissioner Paule Villard - The Royal Dumpster Fire


The legacy of former North Miami Beach Commissioner Paule Villard is one of controversy, marked by numerous allegations of corruption, misuse of public funds, abuse of office, and questionable campaign practices. As we delve deeper into her tenure, a disturbing pattern emerges.

Paule's Unethical Behavior

As we journey down first term as a sitting commissioner for the City of North Miami Beach, we will learn how her legacy is more of a Dumpster Fire instead of something that the residents of North Miami Beach should be proud of. To put it bluntly, if ethics were dynamite, Paule Villard would not have enough to blow her nose.

Brazen Disregard for the Law

One of the most alarming incidents was when Commissioner Villard allegedly broke the law, with an accomplice by her side. This event raised concerns about the integrity of the office and the accountability of elected officials.

Misuse of Taxpayer Funds

Villard's travels have frequently come under scrutiny. A significant taxpayer-funded vacation to Haiti raised eyebrows, with concerns about the actual costs of such a trip. Another mention of a "fancy Vegas vacation on taxpayer dime" further fuels the debate on her questionable travel expenses. Villard has also been accused of committing credit card fraud, with allegations suggesting a misuse of an astonishing $18,573.11 of taxpayer money in just a single year.

Election Misconduct & Campaign Abuses

There were whispers and warnings suggesting that Villard might attempt election fraud. Such allegations threaten the very foundation of democracy and the trust of the electorate. Stories surfaced of Villard using taxpayer funds for her campaign stunts, blurring the lines between her role as a public servant and a political candidate. There were claims that North Miami Beach City Manager Arthur “Duke” Sorey ignored Villard’s campaign sign violations, raising concerns about preferential treatment and a potential abuse of power.

The Public Gift Card Campaign Event and Other Controversies

Villard's use of taxpayer funds for her personal political campaign, as evident from multiple reports, has been a significant point of contention. Her controversial public gift card campaign event was just the tip of the iceberg. Her audacious taxpayer-funded campaign stunts did not go unnoticed and even garnered media attention. This raises questions about her judgment and the appropriateness of using public funds for personal political events. Accusations of hijacking city events for her re-election campaign further highlight her alleged disregard for ethical boundaries.

Lavish Personal Parties on the Public's Dime

Stories emerged of Paule Villard sparing no expense in throwing grand parties for her personal acquaintances, all billed to the North Miami Beach taxpayers. Such actions, if true, display a flagrant misuse of public funds for substantial personal gain.


It's essential to approach such allegations with a sense of balance, ensuring that every story is corroborated and that officials are given a chance to respond. However, the sheer volume of claims against Villard is undeniably concerning. It paints a picture of a tenure marred by controversies and questionable decisions, especially when it came to her campaign practices and travel expenses.

The silver lining is that Paule has lost her bid for re-election, which thankfully puts a end to her time in office. Even though it was only a 4 year term, it felt like a the longest 20 years on earth. The only thing that terrifiies me is that she could run again for office in 2024. I have filed ethics complaints with the State of Florida and Miami-Dade County with the hope that they look into criminal charges. Until then, the residents of North Miiami Beach need to be on the look out to see if she annonces a future run for office.

While the city of North Miami Beach continues to move forward, the legacy of Paule Villard serves as a stark reminder of the importance of transparency, accountability, and ethical leadership. As residents and voters, it's our duty to remain vigilant, ensuring that those in power are working for the community's best interests.