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RANT: Dear Ted Cruz – A Lesson on Ethics


I normally do not use this website to talk about politics however your recent actions have forced me to break my silence and write this open letter. I ask that if anyone that reads this letter agrees with my statements to please re-share this letter as to as many people as possible in order to try to get a response from Ted Cruz himself.

Dear Ted Cruz,

Your actions over the past few weeks have not been illegal, they were clearly designed to be as unethical as possible without violating any laws – something I personally find repulsive. These actions have been getting on my nerves over the past few weeks but it was your lecture about ethics to the people of South Carolina that set me over the edge.

You were very quick to point out the unethical things that Donald Trump and Marco Rubio have done in their campaign to try to sway voters over to their side. You specifically mention the Rubio Campaign’s phone blast to over 500,000 people with a shady push poll as an example.

It seems like you need a lesson in ethics, allow me to take a moment to show you a few of the unethical tactics that your campaign has been employing over the past few weeks.

Voter Violations

Clearly a scare tactic, the Cruz Campaign created a mailer that was likely sent to tens of thousands of Iowa residents to get out to vote. While I do encourage people to go out an vote this letter takes it too far by your intentional attempt to make the letter look like it was a state issued violation. Furthermore, you state that voter records will be made public and even go as far to assign a grade to the precipitant. The state’s supervisor of elections was forced to release a statement due to the confusion this caused. The only reason that this was not illegal is that you had themandatory “Paid for by the Cruz for President Campaign”

Letter about Ben Carson Dropping Out

Shortly before a key debate, your campaign let it slip that Ben Carson is dropping out of the race and to have all of his previous supporters back the Ted Cruz campaign instead. It is funny how you tried to backpedal on this as a mistake but many people failed to accept your apology. I also find it funny how you criticize Rubio for making accusations without checking any facts just a few weeks after sending this letter.

Fake Checks

You must have known that people were tired of your current batch of mailers and were promptly transporting the letters directly from their mailbox and delivering them into the garbage so you decided to send envelopes with the words “Check Enclosed” on the front. Of course the envelope did not have a check written out to the precipitant rather an offer from a donor to send a matching donation to the Cruz campaign for anyone who donates. How low can one really go before they loose the need for all limbs and evolve into a full snake?

I want to be clear that I will NOT be voting for Ted Cruz as his views do not align with my own and his ethics show that he is better suited to be a career criminal. He is about as regressive as they can get and if elected, he would take this country back to the stone age.

In your speech, you say “Ethics Matter” in your closing remarks, a statement that I can personally agree with however your actions above clearly show that “Ethics Matter” are simply a set of words that lack the profound meaning that is normally attributed to them. How are we to trust a man like you to be the president of the most powerful country on the planet if the word “ethics” has no meaning? Based on your actions, you are clearly the poster child for the stereotypical “slimy career politician”. I look forward to your response.

Thank You,

Keith I Myers