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Attention Residents of North Miami Beach – It is time we step up!


Attention Neighbors of North Miami Beach – beneath all of the lavish parties and activities designed to only benefit a small segment of residents, the City of North Miami Beach is actually a city that is in turmoil. Corruption festers within city leadership and the spending is out of control. It is time we all step up!

We have a city manager who openly retaliates against citizens for exercising his protected civil rights and 4 crooked commissioners who will stand behind him while he does it. Just like these 4 commissioners empower the city manager’s corrupt behavior, the 4 commissioners are empowered by the city manager to be equally as corrupt. His actions on Tuesday exposed the City of North Miami Beach to a potential civil rights lawsuit and a lot of bad press. I stand with the Mayor of North Miami Beach to demand his resignation.

Most City Managers are selected because of their history of excellence, in our case our city manager was hand selected because he welcomes corruption. Arthur “Duke” Sorey bankrupted the city of North Miami due to his reckless spending and poor management style.

I would like to form a PAC of citizens who will speak up for residents of North Miami Beach, hold our elected officials accountable and help repair this broken city.

To give you a example of some of the problems in the city that we must address

  • Commissioner Paule Villard, with the approval of the City Manager, is using our police department as her private limo service. She is being driven around by an armed police officer on the taxpayer dime.
  • Campaigning on Taxpayer Funds – Paule Villard and other commissioners have been campaigning on taxpayer funds. This includes the purchase of coffee mugs, tote bags, fliers and even tents with their names and faces on. Every single dime spent by the city should have a direct benefit to the residents of North Miami Beach, not the campaigns of corrupt politicians.
  • At least one commissioner traveled to a panel of world leaders from developing countries, on the taxpayer dime. I did not know that North Miami Beach was a developing country or that we employ world leaders.
  • Commissioner Paule Villard held a “Unsung Heros” event which cost the taxpayers thousands of dollars. As far as I can tell, none of the winners did anything for the City of North Miami Beach. They appear to all be family and friends of Paule Villard. Paule even awarded her daughter a unsung hero award and made sure to give herself a award for being the “Quintessential Woman of North Miami Beach” I have asked for a list of finalists, the selection criteria and who was involved with the selection via a public records request which has been unanswered since April 9th!
  • Public Record Requests are going unanswered, I have 8 pending and know several others in the same boat.

If you are a registered voter of North Miami Beach and wishes to be part of this, please reach out to me at