Why I DO NOT agree with Europe’s “Right To Be Forgotten” Policies

European countries often have a lot of great things going for it such as Universal Health Care and the Metric System however there is one policy that was recently been enacted that I cannot get behind, Europe’s “Right To Br Forgotten”.   3c100baThis policy essentially allows an individual to selectively or completely erase their online identity including content on third party websites and search engines after filing a bit of paperwork. Within weeks, your online collection of planking photos taken in 2005 and other content using your name or image could be removed allowing you to re-start your life. However if enforced, this policy would essentially force website owners and search engines to remove potentially truthful and important information about a person such as online reviews or complaints that you would likely want to hide.

Personally, I have several objections to the “Right To Be Forgotten” policies it is essentially state sponsored censorship and I personally despise the concepts of censorship in any form. The European Right To Be Forgotten policies clearly overstep their boundaries and are ripe for abuse.


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