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Review : Anker 25W 5 Port USB Charger


If you have ever taken a peek inside of My Backpack or on My Person, you would likely have noticed that I carry around A LOT of gadgets. Keeping all of these gadgets charged up is well… complicated. Here is my secret :

Ever since I found the Anker 25W 5 Port USB charger on Amazon, last year, I was hooked. Initially I ordered one of these to see how if it can handle my devices. It worked so well that I ordered an additional 3 to keep in strategic locations around the house, my desks and even one in my backpack.

The biggest advantage of this charger as it allows you to charge up to 5 devices by only using a single plug on the wall outlet. Some USB power bricks such as the one that ships with the Nexus 6 and Nvidia shield are a bit bulky so this is definitely a welcome change. I have been able to charge 3 tablets at the same time without issue as well as a watch and phone without noticing any slower charging times.

This charging brick is great for traveling especially as most hotels fail to provide enough outlets to cater to your average Geek which is why I keep one of these in my backpack at all time. Prior to purchasing this charger, I would be forced to charge all of my devices in the hotel restroom like a uncivilized savage. As this charging brick is roughly the size of a laptop charger, it should not add too much bulk to your backpack.

As a working man, I juggle my time between 2 desks, one at work and one at home. Each of these desks has one of these mounted in an easy to reach place to allow me to keep my devices energized at all time. A few squares of double stick foam mounting tape is all you need to give your desk a much needed upgrade.

This picture below is of the Anker Charging Brick mounted to my desk at home. All of the ports are easy to access and the entire mounting process took me less then 2 minutes.

Finally, I have one of these mounted to the back of my night stand which is my primary device charging station. My Nvidia Shield, Google Glass and Watches normally charge on this charger when I am asleep (I normally charge my Nexus 6 on a Qi charging mat). This power brick also puts out enough juice to power the Moto 360 Qi Charging Dock.

These USB chargers are also great for charging my collection of USB Battery Packs. Once every few weeks, I clear off a small section of my desk to plug in my USB battery packs for an overnight charging session.

You can purchase these for less then $30.00 on Amazonand if you act quick, there is a sale reducing the price to $15.00. If you are an Amazon Prime member, you also get free 2 day shipping, if you are not an Amazon Prime member, you can try it free by by visiting this URL. You may be tempted to order 3 or 4 of these and I honestly would not blame you.