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Critical Apple iOS SMS Messaging Bug Fix


By now, it is likely that you have seen postings about a serious new iOS messaging bug in your various social networking sites. This bug allows a person with malicious intent to cause an iPhone to reboot or lock up with nothing more then a simple text message containing some specially crafted Unicode text. Furthermore your messaging application will fail to launch until the attacker sends a second message or you perform a workaround such as sharing a photo from the Apple Photos App. Apple is aware of the issue and are already working on a patch for a future update. There are some workarounds floating around the internet with a short term fix however this blocks message previews, this blog post will go over a long term fix that will render your phone immune to this bug.

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  • Step 1) Purchase a Nexus 6 from the Google Store or from
  • Step 2) Open and Charge the Nexus 6 for a few hours
  • Step 3) Remove the SIM card from your iPhone and insert into Nexus 6
  • Step 4) Power on the Nexus 6 and follow all onscreen instructions
  • Step 5) Dispose of your iPhone in the nearest garbage compactor or crush to a fine powder with a hammer

Due to the seriousness of this bug, it is recommended to perform this fix as soon as possible