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Not Sorry Paule - I have have owned all your domains for months and have been re-directing all of your traffic to me


When running for any elected office, it is common sense to ensure that you have a website and keep it updated. However, if you are not the brightest bulb on the strand, you might have allowed your domain to expire after your loss in 2022... and let your most outspoken critic buy it up, who has been redirecting all traffic to my website for the past 3 months...

To anyone who is unfamiliar with how websites work, domains are leased on a yearly basis. If you do not pay for the renewal, your domain is returned to the global pool of domains, where anyone with $10.48 in their pocket can snatch it up and redirect traffic anywhere. 

This may come as a shock to Paule Villard but if you read my post about the Paule Villard Drinking Game or my post Thanking Paule Villard, you would see that I have been dropping hints for quite some time. While I may not have told you exactly what websites I now own, I was very clear that I do own a few. Lets show one simple example...

@keithimyers #paulevillard #corrupt #northmiamibeach #citynmb ♬ Oh No - Kreepa

Yes, that is your Facebook page and it has been sending traffic to me for MONTHS and have been getting between 400 and 800 visits per week from your main "" domain as well as some additional domains you used in 2018 as well. To make this even more humiliating, any visitor to your domains has been going to a page on my website dedicated to exposing your corruption. 

Finally, there are several other domains I now own that are being linked to by other websites who covered your 2018 election. Guess where that traffic is also going? 

See Paule, you messed with the wrong geek... I would say I am sorry for humiliating you, but I would be lying, you deserve every moment of it. These websites will outlive you and serve as a shrine for future generations to use as an example of pointing out corruption... and unlike your NMBTruth website, actually include evidence.