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Paule - If you are going to continue to talk out of your ass turn around so we can hear you better


If you live in North Miami Beach, you probably opened your mailbox this morning to find a campaign mailer from Paule Villard that is unsurprisingly filled with lies and information that has absolutely nothing to do with her inability to serve as Mayor of North Miami Beach. This mailer does little to promote Paule Villard as a viable candidate, and really shows how out-of-touch with reality she really is. I would go as far as describing this mailer as a wet-fart. Let's take a moment to break down these claims and demonstrate why they are either irreverent to the office of mayor or how they are simply bulls#!%.

Decorated Police Officer for nearly 31 Years

This is a factually untrue statement as Paule Villard was not a police officer for anywhere near 30 years (20 years to be exact) and Paule's employment record with the City of Miami has no accolades to speak of. Paule Villard's personal file mentions how she has fallen below expections fails to grasp both oral or written instructions. 

On a positive note, at least this mailer does not say she was a Police Sergeant, which is pretty typical of all of her other mailers and promotional text messages. 

Supported Our Most Vulnerable Residents As Our City Commissioner

I will not doubt that Paule Villard did hold several events for our aging senior citizen population to get them active and out of the house, but these events were less about the senior citizens and more about promoting Paule Villard with her name and photo posted prominently on all signage and materials. These events ramped up significantly before her 2022 campaign (in which she lost).

Make no mistake, Paule Villard is NOT an advocate for seniors. Paule's "support" for seniors was full of so many blunders, such as the purchase of the old Singer Building that Paule schemed to turn into a senior center (ignoring the fact that there is already a similar center in the city). Paule schemed with three other commissioners to purchase the building at an above-market rate ($1,803,578.86), and she thoroughly ignored the extensive number of renovations needed to convert the building into a facility that was suitable for its intended use. The Singer Building was built in an era where there were no ADA standards, and the building only has one restroom. The true reasoning for the purchase was so Paule Villard could have a building to emboss her name on. 

Regarding other "Vulnerable" residents, Paule's COVID relief event was not about helping others, it was an unethical campaign stunt where over $15,000 worth of gift cards went missing, many are still unaccounted for. Paule also did no verification to see if the recipients of the gift cards were indeed vulnerable.

Executive Director of Miss Teen Haiti

Overlooking the fact that this does not demonstrate one's ability to serve in the office of Mayor, beauty pageants are one of the most exploitative ways to harm young women. Beauty Pageants have gotten a lot of criticism over the years for sexualizing young women, and several investigations have strongly suggested that the "Opportunities" that they offer are on the same par as sending "thoughts and prayers" to victims of a natural disaster.

One of the most hard-hitting reports on pageants was John Oliver's report on the Miss America Pageant.

Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Member

I fail to see how this has any impact on her ability to hold office, it means as little to me as saying she had a blockbuster membership or was a high school cheerleader... all are completely irreverent to serving as mayor.  

Longtime Volunteer with Kids and The Power Of Work (KAPOW)

Volunteering is so important, but unfortunately, with such a record of corruption, I would be scared to have someone such as Paule Villard as a role model for our youth. Paule Villard does not believe in the power of work but rather in how to take advantage of her position. Do we really want our kids to learn how to use taxpayer funds to take a luxury Las Vegas vacation, or do we want our kids to see the inappropriate photos and videos that you post on social media?