PSA To All Who Plan To Cook A Turkey This Year

Please Remember to download the latest firmware updates for your Turkey before installing it into your Oven.
Failure to do so may result in uneven cooking or dry white meat.

The Latest Drivers and Firmware can be obtained from your Turkey Supplier’s website. You may follow the instructions below to upgrade your turkey to the latest release.
1) Thaw Turkey and Charge your turkey with your favorite seasonings.
2) Plug Turkey into a USB Port on your computer. Some newer Turkeys may have a USB Type C or MicroUSB connector under the left drumstick while legacy turkeys will need a special probe adapter.
3) Download the drivers (Note to #Butterball users, please use “Giblets 4.9.2″ rather than”Giblets 5.1” or greater as there are some issues that need to be worked out. Please call the Butterball turkey hotline immediately if your Turkey goes into a bootloop or if the Turkey displays a “PTR – No Gravy” Error Message)
4) Run the installer that you downloaded and allow up to 10 minutes for the Turkey to upgrade.
5) Once complete, bake for the recommended time on the Turkey Package. Serves 4-10 people.
Optional : If you wish to root your Turkey with StuffingSU, please enter the bootloader by holding down the right wing while holding down the power button. This will then place your turkey into fastcluck mode. You can then flash StuffingSU by running “fastcluck flash boot stuffing11-2317.img”

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