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Announcing The Great American Book Of Presidential Tacos


So.... I wrote a book and this time it is not about tech or ChromeOS but a cookbook

Some of my best ideas start as a joke and people who know me IRL tend to agree that I can sometimes take a joke way too far... a few friends were joking around earlier this year and somehow the topic shifted to "what if Donald Trump was a taco?"... Well on the hour long drive home the next day, my mind decided to go down this rabbit hole and wonder what a taco inspired by each president would look like... and then this happened

I got to work creating 46 unique recipes to capture the essence of each president and distill it in the formm of a taco. These recipes involve a flavorful blend of bold spices and are seasoned with plenty of historical facts. While these recipes are not period accurate, they are designed to be a playful adventure into flavors that embody each of the 46 men who served in the oval office. Once I created my recipes, I worked with a close friend (Hector Arista) who created 50 unique images for this book.

I will just let the book's official introduction speak for itself:

Welcome to a journey like no other. As you flip these pages, you'll be transported through epochs, indulging in delicious flavors inspired by our nation's commanders-in-chief. While our trek is rooted in historical tidbits, it's seasoned generously with a sprinkle of whimsy and a dollop of fiction. These taco renditions are not what graced the presidential tables (as far as we know!), but rather, they're our playful homage to the character and times of each leader.

Why tacos, you ask? Well, the taco is the ultimate canvas of culinary creativity. It's adaptable, eclectic, and universally loved, much like the diverse narratives of our presidents. Whether it's Washington's cherry-infused taco or Roosevelt's robust roast, there's a flavor profile here to tickle every palate.

Crafted for families, friends, and foodies alike, this cookbook is more than just a collection of recipes. It's an invitation to explore, laugh, and, most importantly, savor. It's a chance to gather around the table, spark conversation, and revel in the joy of food and faux history. As you experiment with these dishes, imagine hosting a dinner where both JFK and Jefferson would commend your culinary prowess, or a summer barbecue where Teddy Roosevelt and Truman toast to your taco-making talent. This book was crafted with a non-partisan viewpoint in mind, it does not matter if you enjoy hard shell tacos or soft shell tacos, you will still have a place at our dinner table.

So, dear reader, grab your apron, summon your inner chef, and prepare to embark on a flavorful adventure through time. The chapters ahead promise a mix of savory sensations, cheeky chuckles, and a pinch of patriotism.

Let's taco 'bout history, shall we?

Bon App├ętit and Happy History-ing!

The eBook is available TODAY on Amazon for $9.99 and in keeping with the Taco theme, we will be releasing a soft shell version (paperback) for $19.99 and a hard shell version for $29.99 in early October.