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Intrinsic Infrastructure Knowledge Website

What Framework is used to build

This website was built using MKDocs/MKDocs Material. I am a paying sponsor of the MKDocs Material Project which gives me access to the "Insiders" build so I can use the blog and other premium features.

How Is Hosted?

This website is rendered as static HTML/CSS/Client Side JavaScript as part of the build process and deployed to CloudFlare Pages for hosting. This provides access to a globally redundant and fault-tolerant CDN.

What is the Build and Deployment Process for

As this website uses a static website generator rather than a dynamic platform such as WordPress, the process of adding new content to this website is a bit different from what most website owners go through to add, remove or update content.

This list goes through my normal process to modify my website

1) I will create a new markdown file that contains the text and basic formatting of the content I want to add to the website using Visual Studio Code or a standard text editor.

2) I generate a header image if this is for a blog post or a post that needs a new header image.

3) I add other images or files that may be needed for the specific post.

4) I run a custom script to optimize all images and convert the images to webp, which greatly reduces the image size and reduces page loading times while preserving the quality.

5) I do a spelling and grammar check of the content via The Language Tool.

6) I commit and push the changes to a git repository

7) Once a change is committed to the master git repository, an automated process is triggered that begins the build process (CI/CD). This process pulls in the latest mkdocs/mkdocs-material packages as dependencies before building the website via the mkdocs build command. This process takes around a minute to complete.

8) Upon a successful build, the static HTML content is deployed across CloudFlare's global network.