Need Some iPad Advice

Hello All,

I am currently undergoing an experiment to see if a die-hard Android Fanboy can use an iPad as his primary tablet for 2 weeks. I have gone through the setup process and customized the tablet (to the extent that Apple actually allows) to be able to run all of the applications I use on a daily basis. I have a favor to ask of all users who have used iOS in the past. In the comments below, please write a few things that I should do with the iPad that would show off its capabilities or a feature that Apple has implemented better then Google.


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  1. Here are some suggestions:
    – Gestures
    – Better UX – all the little details, you discover as you use it for a while – the smoothness you usually only get when HW and OS is produced by the same vendor
    – Fingerprint authentication
    – Security – Have a look under the hood. Apple has done a lot to keep the user secure. Best of all its almost invisible to the user.
    – Music and Videos (iTunes)
    – Newsstand
    – iBooks (I use it to view PDFs)
    – Garageband (if you are not musical, like me, have a look at youtube) – I include this because in the end its not really about the OS, but what you can do with it.

    • Hello Peter K,
      Thank you for your advice.
      -I already planned to do something about gestures in my daily log for today (I actually do like them).
      -“Better UI” is subjective and does vary on individual taste. I have not noticed any added smoothness but this could be because I normally use higher end Android devices which do not normally suffer from lag.
      -I cannot do anything with Fingerprints as this is the iPad air that was released shortly before they started coming with fingerprint readers.
      -“Security” – I am not going to intentionally press this button until I make it to the end of my test. I will try my best to attack the iPad from a security standpoint to test it in person at a later time.
      -Music/Videos – I will be doing something along these lines over the weekend as I want to play around with the audio quality.
      – I will take newsstand and iBooks for a spin in a few days.

      In regards to Garage Band, I will test that. This post was not just to show off the OS rather the experience in general. Third Party applications are fair game.


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