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iPad Log Day 4 : Oh… the Settings App


Day 4 of my iPad experiment has come to a close and I will admit to something rather embarrassing, I spent almost 30 minutes today trying to find how to change the settings of the built in “Mail” application in order to add an email signature, it turns out that rather then looking for an option within the “Mail” application to access the settings menu, I should have been using the iOS settings application instead… which makes little sense at all if you ask me.

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I know that I went on a rant yesterday about Apple’s lack of a consistent back button in contrast to Android’s ever-present back button and the lack of a in-app settings menu is a bit of a put off, I would even forgive Apple if it is simply just a shortcut to the Apple Settings Application. Just like the back button placement, it seems that Apple prefers developers to tie into their settings application but seems to allow third party developers to implement their own settings menu within the app if they so choose.

That’s all I have for this rant, I am tired and want to go to sleep, good night

Pros and Cons

  • I dropped the iPad twice in the past 48 hours (while in a case) and no damage
  • Lack of consistency within the platform.

Fate of the iPad

The iPad is currently recovering and eating plenty of chicken noodle soup. The doctors are giving it a 80% chance of surviving the week