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Challenge : 2 Weeks With An Apple iPad


As most of you know, I am a die hard Android Fanboy and use Ubuntu GNOME as my primary desktop operating system. I am often accused of being a bit overly critical of Apple products and people claim that I have never given them a fair chance. While I have my reasons for my distaste for Apple products, many tend to discredit me as I have not spent more then a few hours with one of their products. That changes TODAY

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Over the next 2 weeks, I will be using an iPad Air with Rectal Display as my primary tablet as part of an experiment. I will be posting my experiences daily on this website including what Apple is doing right and what Apple is doing wrong. At the conclusion of the 2 week trial, I will post a lengthily findings post and determine what the fate of the iPad will be.

The Rules

Throughout this trial, running from March 13th through March 27th, I will be following the rules below:

  • The iPad will be my primary general purpose tablet for items such as e-mail and web browsing while away from my computer.
  • If possible, I will refrain from using my Android Tablets unless one of the following conditions are true:
    • I need to use an Application that I need to pay for again. It makes no sense to purchase an application a second time for use on the iPad that I have already purchased on Android.
    • Games – I am sorry, but nothing beats the Nvidia Shield when it comes to games.
  • I will use the full Apple Experience including Apple’s mail client and Siri when possible however will resort for Google Applications for items such as Music, Movies and Google Now.
  • I am under no obligation to buy anything on the iPad
  • I am under no obligation to install the virus known as iTunes.
  • I must be honest with my findings, if Apple does indeed do something better then Android, I must point it out.

The Method of Torture

For this experiment, I will be using a 16 GB version of the iPad Air (2014). I will be using a Logitech Folio Case with Bluetooth Keyboard to protect the weapon and for use in meetings.