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Google Extends ChromeOS Device Automatic Updates to 10 Years!


We've all heard the criticism and seen countless photos from schoool administrators showing piles of chromebooks collecting dust - Chromebooks only get a few years of software updates before they are abandoned and sent to a e-waste landfill or sold off for scrap. It looks like Google is finally looking to change that perception with a major announcement that will see Chrome OS devices supported for over a decade.

Starting in 2024, any Chromebook released in 2021 or later will now receive automatic updates and security fixes for a full 10 years after its initial release. This brings Chromebook support in line with, or beyond, what other operating systems provide. It's a huge win for schools, businesses, and individual users who want their devices to stay protected and functional for as long as possible. It is a huge win for the environment and those who just want to keep their gadgets longer than most.

Google knows Chromebooks have become very popular in the education space due to their affordable prices. But all too often, schools end up with stockpiles of outdated devices a few years later that are no longer secure or able to run the latest applications. Most ChromeOS devices that schools purchased at the start of COVID had a 5-7 year shelflife until they stopped getting securiity updates from Google. The extended 10 year update timeline aims to solve that problem by keeping Chromebooks up-to-date and eliminating e-waste.

Existing Chromebooks released before 2021 will also have the option to receive 10 years of updates once they receive their last scheduled update. So whether you just bought a new Chromebook or have had one for a few years, you can now feel confident knowing it will continue getting enhancements for the long haul.

Beyond just security patches, those updates will include new features, performance improvements, and likely many more years of service. And even after updates conclude, built-in security measures like verified boot continue protecting your Chromebook. Even after a ddevice stops getting OS updates, they will still see browser updates if their device supports Lacros as the browser is decoupled from ChromeOS and updated in the same way that Chrome is updated on a Linux machine.

All in all, this change means Chromebooks can now offer lower total ownership costs while reducing environmental impact. They'll provide schools, businesses, and individuals with reliable devices that stay fast and secure for an entire decade - helping technology budgets go even further, especially during a time where schools are facing some of the largest budget cuts on record. Schools wiil hopefully be able to inveest less in technology and more in teachers, while still giving students access to the ssame techology that is used to drive the world. If you're in the market for a new laptop, Chromebooks deserve a strong look, just make sure it was released after 2021 to get the most benefit.

source : Google:The Keyword