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Thoughts On The End Of The Google Glass Explorer Program


The Google Glass team made an announcement today that the Google Glass Explorer Program will be coming to an end within the next few days. This news does not come as a surprise to me as the Google has set the expectation from day one that the Glass Explorer program was essentially a public beta. As with all beta programs, they must come to an end. The news is very bittersweet to me as I was one of the first 8,000 Google Glass Explorers to get their hands on Google Glass nearly a year and a half ago.

Today’s announcement allows the Google Glass team to turn over a massive page in their book and finally bring the product to consumer shelves in the future. The feedback that was gained in the Explorer Program was clearly invaluable to both Google and other companies who are focusing on wearable technology.

Google Glass has allowed me to meet some amazing people and do a lot of things that I would likely never have been able to do without it. Although the Explorer Program has ended, it is my hope that these experiences will continue to occur.