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ChromeOS 75.0.3770.10 Rolling out to the Dev Channel – Enables VPN Support in Crostini and other Fixes


Google is currently pushing ChromeOS 75.0.3770.10 to users on the Dev channel. Software developers and Road Warriors all over will start to rejoice when they hear that Crostini containers will finally route connections through a VPN if active on your Chromebook.

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This update seems to be very smooth, I ran into no issues with starting Android or Linux applications.

New Features

ChromeOS VPN Support in Crostini

I created a blog post about an hour ago saying that the next release of ChromeOS will enable VPN support in Crostini and said the release could happen at any moment, well, about 40 minutes later, that moment has come. Your Linux container will now route traffic over a VPN if you have a VPN running on your Chromebook. This includes both VPNs setup in the ChromeOS VPN settings and Android VPNs! I have personally tested this using the OpenVPN application on Android connecting to my personal VPN and it worked flawlessly.

There are no flags to enable, it just works.

New Folders in File Manager

There is now a folder for “Bug Reports” and a Android Application that I have installed (termux) showing in the File Manager. Clicking on “Bug Reports” brings up a empty folder that is read only but the Termux folder shows the storage area of Termux.

Crostini Installer Disk Space Check

Google has added a disk space check into the Crostini installer to verify adequate disk space before installing the Termina VM and Crostini container. In the past, the installation would act like it was working and eventually fail.

Crostini Metrics

Google is now collecting some basic metrics during the installation of Crostini to help them understand the reasons for installation failure. This allows Google to see the following

  • Disk Space
  • Download Times
  • Installation Errors

Note : Google DOES NOT have the ability to see anything that happens inside of the container, you can view the source code here if so inclined.

Architecture Check During Crostini Import

It was theoretically possible to take a backup generated on a X86_64 Chromebook and import it on a Arm Chromebook. The resulting mess will have a lot of problems that may render the container unusable. Google has implemented a change to add a architecture check before importing a backup.

Bug Fixes

Google Assistant Button

When Google released ChromeOS 75.0.3759.4, it broke the Google Assistant button for Pixelbook/Pixelslate Owners. I am happy to report that this has been fixed in 75.0.3770.10