ChromeOS 69.0.3497.21 rolling out to users in the Dev Channel with subtle changes

ChromeOS is currently rolling out to users on the Dev channel. So far it seems stable and only brings a few subtle changes. I have gone through the changelogs and here are the highlights.

Bug Fixes

Fix For Mounting Zip Archives

The last Chrome OS update broke the ability to mount .zip archives due to a mistake in one of the Chrome OS Security Policies. This has been resolved in 69.0.3497.21.


“Better Together” is now being refereed to as “Connected Devices” in several places

Several places that used to refer to “Better Together” have been changed to “Connected Devices”. This will also house the smart lock controls.

New Features

Team Drive in Search

If you are one of the many GSuite users who have a Team Drive, you will now be able to search for files in your Team Drive from within the Chrome OS search bar.

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