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RadioShack Announces Exclusive Line of Chromebooks


As a kid, I remember walking into my local RadioShack to explore the newest gadgets, playing with the computers on display and spending hours re-arranging the parts drawers to annoy the poor employees who had to later clean up my mess. My memories of this were so treasured that I later got a job at RadioShack when I turned 18, sadly I moved on after completing my 2-year conscription.

City of North Miami Beach - Welcome to the Circus


Ladies and Gentlemen, Children of All Ages. Welcome to the Final Show of the North Miami Beach Public Circus!

I would like to introduce the three circus clowns who were forced to show up thanks to a court order. These three clowns have spent the past four months disrespecting the residents of North Miami Beach and making a fool of everyone in this beautiful city that we share.

The North Miami Beach Public Circus has had many magical sideshows featuring some of the most baffling clowns on earth.