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Updated : Getting the LG Watch Sport to work on T-Mobile


A few days months ago, I posted a set of instructions on how to get the LG Watch Sport to work on T-Mobile. Unfortunately this did involve users having to pay for an additional phone line at ~$40 per month so this solution was less than ideal. I do now have a better option that will cost a lot less and ultimately work better.

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This solution involves enrolling in the T-Mobile ¨Digits¨ ¨Duplicate SIM¨ program. This program is currently free for T-Mobile Customers however you must be the primary account holder in order to enroll in the ¨Duplicate SIM¨ beta at this time. The cost of the Duplicate SIM will likely increase in the future however will be much more reasonable than a dedicated line.

Once you enroll in the Beta, T-Mobile will send you a new SIM card in the mail. This normally arrives in 5-7 days. This SIM card can be used in any GSM phone and will act exactly like your normal SIM card. When you call your phone number – both phones will ring. In this case, you will simply use your LG Watch Sport as the 2nd phone.The Duplicate SIM will also receive SMS and even LTE data works.

You can enroll in the T-Mobile Digits Beta via . You may need to join the waiting list depending on the number of active beta users.