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Getting the LG Watch Sport to work on T-Mobile


Many, including myself, were disappointed to see that Google partnered up with AT&T to be the exclusive carrier for the new LG Watch Sport. Many were unsure if it would work with T-Mobile but after some trial and error, I found out it does indeed work but there is a catch.

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Updated Post :

Sadly the LG Watch Sport will not work with T-Mobile’s $5 “wearable” device plan, you will instead need to activate a normal voice line. This unfortunately does cost more depending on your current plan. You may use any Simple Choice or T-Mobile One plan.

Once you obtain a fresh SIM card activated with your new voice line, you simply need to power down the watch and insert the SIM. Once you power the watch back on, you will be greeted with a LTE signal.

I have tested the following and all worked without issue:

  • Voice Calls
  • SMS Messages
  • Data

Your mileage will vary depending on your area as not all T-Mobile bands are supported.

The reason this works is because T-Mobile only whitelists wearable devices they sell in their system for use on their “Wearable” plan, they just dont to a good job of letting people know that the only device this plan will work with is the Samsung Gear Smartwatch. They also do not whitelist devices upon request… I tried.

Now I just need to find how to use enough data to justify T-Mobile’s Simple Choice Unlimited Plan on a watch… this includes 14 GB of tethering.