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Installing RemixOS to the HTC Nexus 9


The company Jide Software released a new multi-tasking centric build of Android known as RemixOS. Unlike Android, RemixOS focuses on multi-tasking by allowing you to run applications in a “windowed mode”, similar to a desktop computer. Unfortunately the instructions published on the XDA Developers website and Jide’s own website had several issues that left many (including myself) with a tablet that would not boot. This post will go over the instructions to get RemixOS working on your (Affiliate Link)Nexus 9 (WiFi Only)

Disclaimer: This Page Has Been Archived

Please note that this blog post has been archived and may contain information that is outdated, defunct, or covers topics that are no longer of interest. It is being kept available solely for reference purposes, in case others might find portions of it useful.

For more recent and up-to-date tutorials, I recommend visiting or other websites that specialize in the topic you are interested in. It is always advisable to seek the most current information to ensure accuracy and relevance.

Before we begin, there are a few pre-requisites that I need to get out of the way.

  • You should have a computer running Linux, MacOS or Windows.
  • You should have the Android SDK Installed with Fastboot and ADB working
  • You should charge your Nexus 9’s battery to 100%
  • You should be comfortable with the command line
  • You should have administrative access to your machine to run the scripts
  • You should have backups of all data stored on your (Affiliate Link)Nexus 9
  • You should know how to download and re-flash the Nexus 9 Factory Images in the event that you wish to roll back.
  • There are a few known bugs with this version, mainly the fact that you cannot download paid applications without being forced to re-pay for the app, Jide is working on a resolution
  • Once this build is installed, you will be able to get OTAs from Jide
  • Your bootloader should be “unlocked” (fastboot oem unlock)

By continuing these steps, you understandthat I am not responsible for any damage caused by the use of these instructions. You also understand that all data will be lost on your device and have made a backup. It is highly advised that this is done on a Linux Desktop as it has not been tested on Windows/MacOS. I take no credit for developing this ROM rather the installation scripts and a few other modifications to make it work.

Installation Instructions

  1. Download the re-packaged RemixOS Nexus 9 Image from or from a mirror below
  2. Extract the zip file to a location on your computer. Compare the MD5 Checksums with the values at the bottom of this post
  3. Open an administrative command prompt or terminal and navigate to the folder that you extracted the contents to in step 2
  4. Power Down your Nexus 9
  5. Power up the tablet by holding Power + Volume Down to bring up the Bootloader
  6. Select “Power” on your tablet to enter “Fastboot USB” mode and connect your tablet to your computer via USB
  7. Using the administrative command prompt, run the “flash-remix.bat” for Windows or run “sudo” for Linux/MacOS
  8. This process will take several minutes to complete and your tablet will reboot several times.


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Feel free to contact me viahttsp:httsp:// you have any questions, comments or death threats. You may also post all questions in the comments below and I will try to respond as soon as possible.

Alternate Download Mirrors

Coming Soon

MD5 Checksums

07b5f8294e2121f4553f260166a0cb1a android-info.txt
8f10add36f6d5a417b462600d927ea97 boot.img
86e347c58103466d58fd5f1e4ab20dd8 bootloader-flounder-
a1894e629738feef4ce5e43ee8eff57e cache.img
31fd3cbb9d68bca60aa9fcf8f9aebd9e flash-remix.bat
19433194c414a55271541fcbf33cffb7 README.txt
160c4ced14bbc9a1aa440a0a7a934bcc recovery.img
e789cfc44143baea81440d27a15212ed system.img
ea45f976615924c9178705e06d47a2ba vendor.img