What’s In My Car

I am a geek on the move. I spend at least 100 minutes a day in my SUV to get to and from work. I also love to take long road trips to visit tech events both locally and in other states. Technology in the car is both important to me but so is safety – so technology in the car must be well thought out. This section is dedicated to describing the technology in my car.

2008 Ford Explorer XLT

Before I begin to list the items that I have in my car, it is best to start with the car itself, or in my case my SUV. I purchased my 2008 Ford Explorer with only 12 miles on the odometer and paid it off several years later. My SUV has plenty of storage which is great for transporting my grossly over-sized backpack.  You can buy one of these on Amazon for as little as … nevermind

Kenwood DDX9902s Car Stereo

I have no idea how I lived for 7+ years with the factory stereo after getting the Kenwood DDX9902s installed in my car. This head unit is fairly full featured but it really comes alive when you connect any modern Android Phone as it has Android Auto support baked in. The unit also comes with support for various streaming music services, Bluetooth audio, HD Radio, DVD and HDMI inputs. I stream up to 6 GB of Google Play Music per month and this radio is mostly to blame, it is also great for catching up on podcasts. If you are good with your hands, you can pick up one of these units for about $750.00 on Amazon or get it installed at a car stereo retailer.

WizGear Universal Magnetic Phone Mount

I was recently in the market for a discrete mobile phone mount that can hold my precious Nexus 6P while I am driving while still leaving the USB port exposed to connect to the Android Auto Unit. The WizGear Magnetic Mount worked perfectly with its surprisingly strong magnetic dock.  I simply had to stick a small insert into my mobile phone case and install the mount in my car. The only downside is the adhesive pad on the base of the mount was incredibly weak – nothing that could not be fixed with some stronger glue. You cab grab this dock for as little as $10.00 on Amazon.

Seneo HD Dash Cam with GPS

If you have ever seen how badly people drive in Miami, you would understand why I keep a dashboard camera recording at all times while on the road. I have caught several near misses and even a person using a “selfie stick” while driving and will on occasion publish these videos to my YouTube channel. This specific camera offers high definition recording as well as the ability to log things such as GPS location, speed, direction or travel and G-Forces which will prove invaluable in the event of an accident. As this camera lacks built in storage, I have installed a 64 GB MicroSD card which allows for over 500 minutes of QHD video. You can pick up the camera for about $110 on Amazon, just be sure to toss in a MicroSD card to go along with it (Max 64 GB).

Wagan 4 Port High-Power USB Charger

Lets face it, most USB car chargers on the market are barely able to power one of the later generation of mobile phones yet alone a phone and a tablet. In my case, I wanted something that will not only be able to charge my devices but also the devices of my passengers. This high power USB charger is mounted under my glove-box and has 4 x 2.4 amp USB ports which should be enough to get a full car through a lengthy road trip. You can pick this unit up for under $25.00 on Amazon and install it in as little as 3 minutes with the help of some velcro tape.